Dear Fans and Friends,

We are really sad to announce that Battlegrounds of Eldhelm will go down on the 30th of September 2019.
It’s been more than 8 years – a great journey for us, a way of life. Sadly, it is coming to an end.

Nowadays we are barely finding time to do basic support and even reply to feedback.
We are at a stage when maintaining the game further is not possible.

It all started as an experiment, grown into a hobby, then became a passion.
All our love for this game forces us to take it down as we simply hate to watch it being left uncared-for this way.
Maybe some day we will do a reboot or create another game to continue doing what we love most.
To cheer you up we have plans to make the game offline free for download some time in the future.

Thank you for all the support and commitment through the years.

The Eldhelm Team

Release 5.x

Release 5.3.1 – 5.3.3

  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.3

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.2

  • Adding an effect when a hero’s hp is increased in battle;
  • Adding a deck effect when your opponent presses on a deck;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.1

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.0

  • Replays and Spectator mode;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;


We proudly announce the release of the new character into the game – the Orc Shaman!

The new character Orc Shaman comes with:

  • A unique set of 4 campaigns;
  • A unique set of cards, combos and skills;
  • As every other character – appearances with customization;

Every other character also gets:

  • 1 new campaign;
  • 14 new combos;

And a lot of balance changes!
Visit our forum thread here for a detailed list.


Release 3.19.x

Release 3.19.0

  • Improved behavior of the card attribute sum – works for the opponent and can be hidden temporary with a tap/click;
  • Improved battle log – logs changes to zones and decks and other special attributes.
  • Added visual feedback for draw count changes.
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Meet the Shaman!

Everybody now knows that the new character in the upcoming expansion will be an Orc Shaman…

But what will he be like?

The Shaman will come with some brand new tricks. There will be a few completely new card attributes – shape shifting abilities and cunning tactics. For example the Shaman’s special card will allow you to see what your opponent has in his hand (oops, spoiler)!

The expansion will come with new campaigns for all the other characters and a brand new heroic card!

So new character, new cards, new attributes, new combos, new campaigns and also lots of balance changes across the other characters.

Stay tuned!


Release 3.18.x

Release 3.18.3

  • Preparation for the upcoming expansion;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.2

  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.1

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.0

  • Preparation for some upcoming features!
  • Sound mute control is controlled from the device volume (Android);
  • Recent chats tab in the contact list;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.x

Release 3.16.8 (14.10.2015)

  • Server account transfer is available for all login methods;
  • Tournament improvements;
  • Improved help;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.7

  • Improved help;
  • Improved hero career;
  • Last seen time in user profile;
  • Experience is also given as a tournament reward;
  • The tournament bracket page now updates and in the desktop view also;

Release 3.16.6

  • The private chat will load history;
  • Other minor improvements and fixes;

Release 3.16.5

  • Guild home page is reworked – the guild chat is now accessed from the contact list;
  • The battle log now displays the combos;
  • Added option for account termination;
  • Various UI improvements and optimizations;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.4

  • Challenge bug fixes;
  • Fixing other minor issues;

Release 3.16.2 – 3

  • Chat improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.1

  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.0

  • Reworked contact list;
  • Conquer improvements;
  • Guild opponents will now appear in the contact list during the fighting stage;
  • A lot of UI optimizations and improvements;
  • Bug fixes;