Special cards improvements

When you level up, your hero card is now going to improve! This is a long anticipated feature. We really want more heroes to go above level 70 so they upgrade their special card to its maximum :)

This feature also addresses the issue some players have. There are just too few high level heroes in the ranking. As the hero card now becomes really strong and its combos even stronger we hope more player will be seduced by this power and allow themselves to level up!


Newsletter, February 2014

We are super happy to announce that Battlegrounds of Eldhelm second expansion has been released!

Here is the new stuff:

  • A brand new Elf Archer character – with unique cards, combos, skills and story!
  • A third campaign for all characters – the epic story of Eldhelm continues!
  • 6 new cards
  • New combos

What else happened lately?

  • We have redesigned the cards – the duration and energy cost attributes are located in specific places now.
  • Collector decks are free – you can create as many as you like.
  • If you haven’t heard, we are doing tournaments from time to time. Be sure to check those out!

We are trying hard to make the game as accessible as possible by translating it to multiple languages.

We are really willing to introduce more languages, but we need some help to get started!

If you are committed to help, please tell us!

Please, report issues and bugs. Tell us about your ideas and wishes.

Be part of the project!

Thank you for all your trust and support!

The Eldhelm Team

Second expansion!

We are so excited to announce that the long waited second expansion has been released, it features:

  • A brand new Elf Archer character + his campaigns, cards, combos and skills;
  • A third campaign for every character;
  • Some brand new cards and combos for the other characters;

Here is an image of the new character!


Release 3.3.x

Release 3.3.16

  • Improving the drop down menus;
  • Fixing some bugs;

Release 3.3.15

  • Added filters by attribute in the card organizer tool;
  • While salvaging, the move all function now will move only the filtered cards;
  • Added the block user feature;
  • When inviting friends who are already registered, they are added to your contacts;
  • Improved account transfer;
  • Achievements in the hero profile are now interactive;

Release 3.3.14

  • Added support for Google Game Services;
  • Bugs fixed

Release 3.3.13

  • Adding the cards tab on the market;
  • Fixing the bug causing the battle log to break when it grows too large;
  • Limiting battle chat to 50 lines so it does not break when chat history is too large;
  • Improving the tournament, by adding notifications for start, finish and rewards;
  • Fixing some other minor bugs;
  • Added support for Game Center;

Release 3.3.12

  • Fixing bugs;

Release 3.3.11

  • Added an indication when an area is blocked;
  • Known issues are fixed;

Release 3.3.8 – 3.3.10

  • Some fixes and improvements

Release 3.3.7

  • Fixing the issue causing very long loading while editing the stash or salvaging cards;
  • Adding controls for moving all cards for salvage;

Release 3.3.6

  • The card design is updated to reflect the new attribute positioning;

Release 3.3.4 – 3.3.5

  • Some issues are fixed

Release 3.3.0 – 3.3.3

  • Card attributes energy cost and duration are relocated in the left and right side of the card illustration. This way improving the readability of the cards. In the description bellow remain only effect attributes;
  • Reduce heal, reduce defense and reduce bonus damage skills are now accounted into calculation animations;
  • Usability and readability enhancements in the menu and on the game table;
  • Career history in the hero profile is now split into pages;
  • The turn message on the first turn is moved to the left so it does not obstruct the opponent info window;
  • The tutorial is updated;
  • The confirmations for confirming the card collection after battle and after editing a deck are removed;
  • The Slovak language is introduced;
  • All know bugs are fixed;

Happy new year!

It was an amazing year for us, here at Essence, the team behind Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. We go the opportunity to work on something we really love! We wish you all the best, much happiness and joy and let the 2014 be at least as cool as 2013. We are preparing some awesome new stuff so stay tuned!

Release 3.2.x

Release 3.2.1

  • Additional collector decks are now free;
  • All cards that are drawn and played from the random deck are automatically added to the stash;
  • The tutorial is improved;
  • Tournament ladder is improved;
  • A very easy difficulty level is added;
  • The card info window now shows whether the cards need for a combo are available in the stash;
  • Back button functionality is improved;
  • All known bugs are fixed;

Release 3.2.2 – 3.2.4

  • Fixes some more bugs;

American server upgrade

A server upgrade will take place in the next 24 hours. The upgrade itself will take only minutes, but there is expected downtime due to the changes in the physical address of the server and the mandatory time-taking update of the DNS records around the world. This may take from an hour to a few hours. It depends on your location.

Please, excuse us for your inconvenience!