Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is a free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) and a role playing game (RPG).

Here is a short video to get you interested!

It is heavily influenced by RPGs and borrows some mechanics and ideas. The result is a fascinating mixture of classic card collection game and RPG battles.

shots_3 shots_4 shots_6

So, how you play? In few words… The game is played in turns. Every turn is separated in phases for the first and then for the second player. Each phase allows you put cards in the areas of the table. Cards have attributes (damage, defense, healing and so on). These attributes are summed on the end of each turn and applied against your opponent ones. Simple, right? Well, not that simple, you will see 🙂

The game is rich in content and play modes!

You can play on your own in the following single-player game modes:

  • Tutorial – learn the basics by playing;
  • Training mode – you pick a manually customized AI opponent;
  • Campaign – play alongside an interesting story;
  • Daily Quest – every day there is a new quest for you to complete;

Or you can play with other players around the world in a various multiplayer modes:

  • Arena – the game automatically picks an opponent among others also in arena mode. You earn score and are placed on a score board;
  • Challenge – pick and fight anyone you like in the game lobby;
  • Slay the beast – fight and enormously strong A.I. together with your friends;
  • Tournament – yes there are tournaments when you could win awesome rewards;
  • Guilds – a team of players will and rank against other guilds, features two sub modes:
    • Conquer – your guild conquers a territories on the Eldhelm land;
    • Guild war – a opponent guild is selected at random;

The game features epic music and 3D graphics. It is translated into multiple languages and is available as an application for the desktop PC, Mac and Steam, Google Play and Samsung Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS, on the web via all up to date browsers at eldhelm.com (and some other domains), Chrome Web StoreFacebook and Vkontakte.

Here are some more screenshots:

shots_1 shots_2 shots_5 shots_8  shots_7

The game is entirely online, meaning that your progress is safely stored on a server. You could play on your phone/tablet and then on your PC/Mac or on the web in the same fantasy world using the same account. You do not even need a registration to get started. Just try the game as a guest! You have access to almost all game features, right away!

So, apart from playing cards, what do you do in this game?

  • You create as many heroes as you like;
  • You rise levels and upgrade you character with attributes and skills;
  • You collect cards from battles in a unique way and place them into decks;
  • You combine your cards and unleash powerful combos;
  • You win achievement badges to show of;
  • You customize the outlook of your characters avatars, just take a look bellow…


And you could mix the stuff and the clothing together between the clothing sets. Make your hero look unique.

You create your character from one of the three available races:

  • Orcs – brutal force, curses ans shape-shifting;
  • Humans – defense, counterattack and sacrifice;
  • Elves – sharp-shooting, healing and magic;

orc-warrior-promo human-rogue-promo elf-keeper-promo

Also you pick a class for your character:

  • Melee – Orcs and Humans;
  • Ranged – Humans and Elves;
  • Caster – Elves and Orcs;

orc-shaman-set1-promo human-knight-promo elf-archer-promo

Apart from all this you should try Battlegrounds of Eldhelm just because:

  • We are a very small indie studio (only two people). We do game development for the sake of it!
  • We have proven and fast support – check our Google Play reviews and our Facebook page;
  • We need only your name and e-mail (in case you need our support), not your address or your mothers maiden name, etc.;
  • We do not require any permission, apart from internet and storage (sorry about that – we need to cache data to reduce traffic) access, on your mobile device. We won’t bother your friends and family, ask for your interests and hobbies, request any personal information (yeah, we will need wall access if you play on Facebook, but it is the social “thing” there, right?)

Who is making this game? We are called Essence, an indie game developer start-up from Sofia, Bulgaria. Check our short story here.

We are more than happy you are reading this page. We are super excited that people like our work! This motivates us to continue, so we want to hear your opinion as well! Do it via the form bellow:

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