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Release 3.15.x

Release 3.15.8

  • Improving the UI, reworking some parts of it;
  • Fixing bugs;

Release 3.15.4 – 3.15.7

  • Fixing bugs resulting in pixelated images;
  • UI and bug fixes;

Release 3.15.3

  • Making the chat and challenge windows larger;
  • Adding columns with the score for guild wars and conquer in the history page;
  • Fixing a bug causing the screen to be cropped on some devices (Samsung mainly);

Release 3.15.2

  • Fixing app crashes on Android;

Release 3.15.1

  • Adding audio setting to the settings section;
  • Refining the campaign map view;
  • Other UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.15.0

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.x

Release 3.14.9

  • Added card effect preview in equip, attack and defense phases;
  • Improved crash recovery (when the game is closed while in battle and then reopened);
  • Bug fixes and optimizations;

Release 3.14.5 – 3.14.8

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.4

  • Improved singleplayer section;
  • Improved tutorial;
  • Improved UI on Desktop fullscreen;
  • Performance optimizations;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.3

  • Guilds fixes and improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.2

  • Improving the cards;
  • The display options are available from the in-game settings menu;

Release 3.14.1

  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.0

  • Introducing the Relic cards;
  • Heroes are able to rise “reputation levels” above level 99;
  • Bug  fixes;
  • UI improvements;

Release 3.13.x

Release 3.13.2

  • Google Play Payments;

Release 3.13.1

  • Added re-enabled login via Google Play;
  • True full screen;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.13.0

  • Adding Facebook connect for the android app;
  • True full screen on Android 5;
  • Add timer until you are able to fight the beast again in the Slay the beast section;
  • In-game settings window combines sound options and hotkey info;
  • in-game chat displays differently the chat from the lobby and the private chats;
  • Guild war rewards are given only to players who participated in the war;
  • Other minor improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.12.x

Release 3.12.0

  • Added the Guild war game mode which allows guilds to fight outside of the Eldhelm map.
  • Conquer is now part of guild war.
  • The maximum number of conquered territories is equal to the number of guild members.
  • A player can slay the beast only 3 times per day and after winning he has to wait til the next day to fight again.
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.11.x

Release 3.11.0

  • A guild history is added. These are pages where all guild conquer attacks, matches, results and votes can be traced;
  • Introducing the Sheriff of Eldhelm achievement;
  • Achievements from the administrative category now appear on every hero the player has;
  • The Arena mode is played as the old Ranking mode above level 50;
  • A new sound is added for the challenge prompt;

Release 3.9.x & 3.10.x

Release 3.10.0

  • Guild banners are shown in the online list and in the guild ranking;
  • Bug fixes and improvements;

Release 3.9.0

  • Memory improvements for mobile apps;
  • Hot keys to return cards back to the hand and skip the combat animations;
  • Option in the settings to suppress the combat animations;
  • UI improvements & Bug fixes;

Now available on Steam!


We are so happy and thankful to our friends and fans who backed us in the Steam Green Light process! We are dedicated to deliver Battlegrounds of Eldhelm to every platform we can and we are always true to the hardcore Desktop gaming!