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We proudly announce the release of the new character into the game – the Orc Shaman!

The new character Orc Shaman comes with:

  • A unique set of 4 campaigns;
  • A unique set of cards, combos and skills;
  • As every other character – appearances with customization;

Every other character also gets:

  • 1 new campaign;
  • 14 new combos;

And a lot of balance changes!
Visit our forum thread here for a detailed list.


Meet the Shaman!

Everybody now knows that the new character in the upcoming expansion will be an Orc Shaman…

But what will he be like?

The Shaman will come with some brand new tricks. There will be a few completely new card attributes – shape shifting abilities and cunning tactics. For example the Shaman’s special card will allow you to see what your opponent has in his hand (oops, spoiler)!

The expansion will come with new campaigns for all the other characters and a brand new heroic card!

So new character, new cards, new attributes, new combos, new campaigns and also lots of balance changes across the other characters.

Stay tuned!


Now available on Steam!


We are so happy and thankful to our friends and fans who backed us in the Steam Green Light process! We are dedicated to deliver Battlegrounds of Eldhelm to every platform we can and we are always true to the hardcore Desktop gaming!



We are getting close to be green-lit on Steam!

Dear Fans,

With the release of version 3.5 we are happy to announce that Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is getting close to be green-lit on Steam!

Check out our Steam page here! Please, vote YES!

This is a great milestone and also a great opportunity to expand the Battlegrounds of Eldhelm community. We have never been more focused on to developing great indie games! We are so happy about all the goods reviews Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is receiving and we are sure about it’s bright future!

If you are using or ever used Steam, support us!

If you never heard about Steam, we must assure you it is an awesome platform for gaming with the awesome opportunity of discovering high quality indie games!

Special cards improvements

When you level up, your hero card is now going to improve! This is a long anticipated feature. We really want more heroes to go above level 70 so they upgrade their special card to its maximum 🙂

This feature also addresses the issue some players have. There are just too few high level heroes in the ranking. As the hero card now becomes really strong and its combos even stronger we hope more player will be seduced by this power and allow themselves to level up!


Second expansion!

We are so excited to announce that the long waited second expansion has been released, it features:

  • A brand new Elf Archer character + his campaigns, cards, combos and skills;
  • A third campaign for every character;
  • Some brand new cards and combos for the other characters;

Here is an image of the new character!


Happy new year!

It was an amazing year for us, here at Essence, the team behind Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. We go the opportunity to work on something we really love! We wish you all the best, much happiness and joy and let the 2014 be at least as cool as 2013. We are preparing some awesome new stuff so stay tuned!