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Happy new year!

It was an amazing year for us, here at Essence, the team behind Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. We go the opportunity to work on something we really love! We wish you all the best, much happiness and joy and let the 2014 be at least as cool as 2013. We are preparing some awesome new stuff so stay tuned!

American server upgrade

A server upgrade will take place in the next 24 hours. The upgrade itself will take only minutes, but there is expected downtime due to the changes in the physical address of the server and the mandatory time-taking update of the DNS records around the world. This may take from an hour to a few hours. It depends on your location.

Please, excuse us for your inconvenience!

Now available on Desura

As the launch date is almost here, we are giving away gift keys for our hard-core fans, friends and media! We already reached many, but there is a chance we might miss somebody … 🙁

Do not hesitate to give us an e-mail, we would love to send you a gift 🙂

Desura Digital Distribution


Battlegrounds of Eldhelm on Desura

You play games mainly on your PC or you want to support our project? Here is a cool way to do it, you can pre-order Battlegrounds of Eldhelm on Desura:

Desura Digital Distribution

You will get a special version containing a starter pack full of credits! You pay upfront and get quite a deal. Support the project and ensure the further development of the game! Thanks!

New character and expansion campaigns

The long waited Human Knight is now available! He brings another look at the Melee class character. Might look similar at first to the Orc Warrior, but after some time you will find he is a lot different.

A brand new heroic card – Royal Blood is the reward of the expansion campaigns! This card will bring some awesome combos and new strategies. The new campaigns are challenging, so be prepared for a decent fights before winning the worthy reward!



Welcome to Battlegrounds of Eldhelm!

Yeah, this site is under construction, but it is growing fast! Be sure to check the game forum and especially the help category. There you could find all about the game, what its all about and how to play it.