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Now available on Steam!


We are so happy and thankful to our friends and fans who backed us in the Steam Green Light process! We are dedicated to deliver Battlegrounds of Eldhelm to every platform we can and we are always true to the hardcore Desktop gaming!



We are getting close to be green-lit on Steam!

Dear Fans,

With the release of version 3.5 we are happy to announce that Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is getting close to be green-lit on Steam!

Check out our Steam page here! Please, vote YES!

This is a great milestone and also a great opportunity to expand the Battlegrounds of Eldhelm community. We have never been more focused on to developing great indie games! We are so happy about all the goods reviews Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is receiving and we are sure about it’s bright future!

If you are using or ever used Steam, support us!

If you never heard about Steam, we must assure you it is an awesome platform for gaming with the awesome opportunity of discovering high quality indie games!

Now available on Desura

As the launch date is almost here, we are giving away gift keys for our hard-core fans, friends and media! We already reached many, but there is a chance we might miss somebody … 🙁

Do not hesitate to give us an e-mail, we would love to send you a gift 🙂

Desura Digital Distribution


Battlegrounds of Eldhelm on Desura

You play games mainly on your PC or you want to support our project? Here is a cool way to do it, you can pre-order Battlegrounds of Eldhelm on Desura:

Desura Digital Distribution

You will get a special version containing a starter pack full of credits! You pay upfront and get quite a deal. Support the project and ensure the further development of the game! Thanks!