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Release 5.x

Release 5.3.1 – 5.3.3

  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.3

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.2

  • Adding an effect when a hero’s hp is increased in battle;
  • Adding a deck effect when your opponent presses on a deck;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.1

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 5.0

  • Replays and Spectator mode;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.19.x

Release 3.19.0

  • Improved behavior of the card attribute sum – works for the opponent and can be hidden temporary with a tap/click;
  • Improved battle log – logs changes to zones and decks and other special attributes.
  • Added visual feedback for draw count changes.
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.x

Release 3.18.3

  • Preparation for the upcoming expansion;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.2

  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.1

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.18.0

  • Preparation for some upcoming features!
  • Sound mute control is controlled from the device volume (Android);
  • Recent chats tab in the contact list;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.x

Release 3.16.8 (14.10.2015)

  • Server account transfer is available for all login methods;
  • Tournament improvements;
  • Improved help;
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.7

  • Improved help;
  • Improved hero career;
  • Last seen time in user profile;
  • Experience is also given as a tournament reward;
  • The tournament bracket page now updates and in the desktop view also;

Release 3.16.6

  • The private chat will load history;
  • Other minor improvements and fixes;

Release 3.16.5

  • Guild home page is reworked – the guild chat is now accessed from the contact list;
  • The battle log now displays the combos;
  • Added option for account termination;
  • Various UI improvements and optimizations;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.4

  • Challenge bug fixes;
  • Fixing other minor issues;

Release 3.16.2 – 3

  • Chat improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.1

  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.16.0

  • Reworked contact list;
  • Conquer improvements;
  • Guild opponents will now appear in the contact list during the fighting stage;
  • A lot of UI optimizations and improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.15.x

Release 3.15.8

  • Improving the UI, reworking some parts of it;
  • Fixing bugs;

Release 3.15.4 – 3.15.7

  • Fixing bugs resulting in pixelated images;
  • UI and bug fixes;

Release 3.15.3

  • Making the chat and challenge windows larger;
  • Adding columns with the score for guild wars and conquer in the history page;
  • Fixing a bug causing the screen to be cropped on some devices (Samsung mainly);

Release 3.15.2

  • Fixing app crashes on Android;

Release 3.15.1

  • Adding audio setting to the settings section;
  • Refining the campaign map view;
  • Other UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.15.0

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.x

Release 3.14.9

  • Added card effect preview in equip, attack and defense phases;
  • Improved crash recovery (when the game is closed while in battle and then reopened);
  • Bug fixes and optimizations;

Release 3.14.5 – 3.14.8

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.4

  • Improved singleplayer section;
  • Improved tutorial;
  • Improved UI on Desktop fullscreen;
  • Performance optimizations;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.3

  • Guilds fixes and improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.2

  • Improving the cards;
  • The display options are available from the in-game settings menu;

Release 3.14.1

  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.14.0

  • Introducing the Relic cards;
  • Heroes are able to rise “reputation levels” above level 99;
  • Bug  fixes;
  • UI improvements;

Release 3.13.x

Release 3.13.2

  • Google Play Payments;

Release 3.13.1

  • Added re-enabled login via Google Play;
  • True full screen;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.13.0

  • Adding Facebook connect for the android app;
  • True full screen on Android 5;
  • Add timer until you are able to fight the beast again in the Slay the beast section;
  • In-game settings window combines sound options and hotkey info;
  • in-game chat displays differently the chat from the lobby and the private chats;
  • Guild war rewards are given only to players who participated in the war;
  • Other minor improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.12.x

Release 3.12.0

  • Added the Guild war game mode which allows guilds to fight outside of the Eldhelm map.
  • Conquer is now part of guild war.
  • The maximum number of conquered territories is equal to the number of guild members.
  • A player can slay the beast only 3 times per day and after winning he has to wait til the next day to fight again.
  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;