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Release 3.0.9

This release bring some awesome new features:

  • Some cool animations after every turn, explaining how the calculations are made;
  • Multiplayer turn/phase times are reduced;
  • The server selection will not override your choice any more;
  • Some more optimizations and improvements, bringing the end of version 2 🙂

Release 2.8.10

This release fixes all known bugs and brings the following features:

  • The tournament button will light up when there is a tournament open;
  • Card effects are optimized and available on mobile devices;
  • The quest tab in the campaign is separated in pages for better performance;

Release 2.8.9

This release brings some more fixes and improvements:

  • The scrolling performance is further optimized;
  • Renewed splash images for the iOS version;
  • The current page indication in paging layouts is improved for low res devices;
  • Some tiny bugs and glitches are fixed;

Release 2.8.7

This release improves the app performance further, by smoothing the animations and increasing the responsiveness! The list of the major features and changes:

  • Kinetic scrolling is supported;
  • The duration of the opponent cards are now visible;
  • Option to purchase heroic cards from the market, so the campaign is not mandatory for their acquisition any more;
  • Auto closing of zoomed cards now happen only when you end the phase or the turn ends;
  • Fixed the problem and performance hit when the play button blinks;
  • Bugs and issues reported after the last update are fixed;

Release 2.8.6

The current release brings some amazing improvements like:

  • Overall performance improvements;
  • Swipe interactions are optimized and visual feedback is added;
  • Pages can be changed via swipes (not only the number buttons);
  • The contact list is optimized for mobile screens and supports swipe gestures to left and right;
  • The card organizer (and collection tool) is optimized – it uses much less memory which will fix the reported application crashes there;
  • Tournament section, waiting page and call for match windows are improved;
  • The tutorial is extended to cover combos;
  • Some minor UI changes for readability and accessibility are made;

Also all known bugs are fixed 🙂

Release 2.8.5

This release contains many minor changes and improvements. The major things are:

  • Improvements in the tournament section;
  • Card collection organizer now use the swipe to move and tap to zoom controls;
  • Deck selection is more accessible;
  • Cards offered for salvage are the ones not used in decks;
  • The card collection screen after the battle will be skipped unless there are cards for collection;
  • UI improvements;

Release 2.8.4

This release improves and fixes some stuff:

  • Battle log and chat windows are closed automatically when battle ends and the table is left;
  • Tournament system and UI improvements;
  • Some hero profile stats fixes and improvements;

Release 2.8.3

This release brings the following features:

  • Improved tutorial, now with images;
  • Added better card collecting tips;
  • Tournament has now its own chat;
  • New tab in the tournament section to show the all the players who joined;
  • Tournament and match times now show timezone;
  • Ranking is reworked and now is completely server specific;
  • Added ranking for the last month;
  • Reworked chat in combat;
  • Reworked battle log;

Release 2.8.2

The new features for this release are:

  • Cards salvaging;
  • Updated tutorial;
  • More sound effects;
  • More battle visual feedback effects;

Bugs and issues following the 2.8 release are fixed