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FAQ for new players

Post by Essence Team » Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:44 pm

Q: How can I zoom a card while in battle?
A: A touch or a left mouse click on the card you want to zoom-in. Then a touch or a left mouse click anywhere on the card the close it.

Q: Why do I see dimmed cards in my hand and why I cannot play them?
A: If it is a buff card (it can be equipped in your buff area during equip phase only, but cannot be played during Attack/Defence Phase), or if you don't have enough Energy Points to play it, you will see these cards as dimmed cards and you will not be able to play it. Read Topic 5, and Topic 9

Q: I draw cards, click on the "proceed" button, and next I cannot play a card and don't understand what's going on!
A: Try to learn the phase sequences of the game. The game is organized into turns, and in each turn you play first or second. There is difference when you play first or second. Read Topic 1, Topic 3 and Topic 4

Q: A card with damage doesn't work! Why?
A: There is difference between the attributes "Damage" and "Bonus Damage". If you play cards only with "Bonus Damage" you will do ZERO damage. See Topic 8, examples 6 and 7.

Q: I cannot equip buff cards. Why?
A: You can equip buff cards only in Equip Phase. See Topic 12 and Topic 4

Q: Why I cannot draw more than 3 cards?
A: You can fill your hand only in the first turn of the battle. In every next turn you can draw up to 3 cards. See Topic 4, point 7.

Q: In the last turn we killed each other, I dealt more damage, but still lost the battle!
A: In such case (you and your opponent kill each other), the player who acts first and has Attack Phase will always win the battle. See Topic 3 and Topic 4

Q: I became level 2, but cannot distribute my 5 stat points - I can train only Energy!
A: That's because you need some concrete number of stat points in order to upgrade some of the stats. For example if you're Orc Warrior you need 4 stat points to receive 5 Hit Points. If you have less than 4 stat points you will not be able to receive any Hit Points. See Topic 18.

Q: I get totally confused - what is the difference between "bonus", "increase" and "increase bonus" attributes?
A: If something is "bonus" it needs the ability that it adds bonus to (like damage and bonus damage).
If something is "increase" or "reduce" it does not need other ability (like reduce damage or reduce heal).
if something is both "reduce" and "bonus" it does not need ability but it only reduces the bonus ability (like reduce_bonus_damage reduces only bonus_damage).

Q: I see there are mythical cards. Where can I find them?
A: You have a chance to find mythical cards in the Random Deck and in the Game of Luck

Q: I am playing Human Rogue campaign and i do not receive experience. Why?
A: The quest enemies of each of the campaigns that are Human Rogues quest enemies do not reward you with experience. Instead you receive more gold. To rise levels you could either spend the gold on training in the Market or fight the random enemies on the map to become stronger.

Q: I play cards with increase/decrease area effects (increase/decrease buff/play/increase area, increase/decrease hand) and they don't work!
A: All these attributes take effect in the following turn (just like the increase/decrease energy work). Read this topic 8.

Q: I play the Single Campaign, kill the two opponents of a quest and don't pass the quest. Why?
A: Each quest is composed of 3 waves of enemies. The first wave is of two opponents. When you kill both of them (in whatever order you want) you unlock the second wave of enemies, which is composed of 3 enemies. When you kill the three of them (in whatever order you want) you unlock the third wave, where is the boss of the quest (and the boss of the location), where you meet 1 enemy. Read this topic 25 for more info.

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