Random Deck draw percentages?

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Random Deck draw percentages?

Post by Nekrolux » Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:53 am

This message is aimed at the Essence Team or any person who knows the answer to my question.

I would like to know the drop rate percentage on the cards drawn from the random deck.
I've read mythical cards had a 0.025% chance of being drawn. What about Epic, Heroic, Elite?

Also, someone told me drop rates fall once you reach a certain level, is that true? Do levels have any kind of impact on drop rates? Either your own level or the level of the bot you're facing in battle compared to yours?

Thanks for your help,

PS: still waiting for a reply on my first topic: "Human Knights stats to prioritize?"


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Re: Random Deck draw percentages?

Post by Essence Team » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:12 pm

Hello Nekrolux,

Sorry for my delayed answer we're overrun lately.

So, the percentages to pick up a concrete card vary constantly as every new added card in the game change them. But the chances for Normal/Rare/Elite/Epic/Mythical is constant and is as follows:
Normal: 76.475%
Rare: 20%
Elite: 3%
Epic: 0.5%
Mythical: 0.025%
Heroic: 0% - it can be achieved only by completing the corresponding single player campaign. Or can be brought with credits, but it's not so fun this way :)

About the Human Knight - some of the guys out there specialists in Human Knight builds can give you more tips. I can just mention that it can be very diverse as it can boost HP, Might and Resistance for quite good stat cost so these would be your focuses. Regeneration is not cost effective for him. And the needed EP is a must anyway. So you can focus on Might and HP, or Resistance and HP or some strange combination between them.

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