Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

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Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

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Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

So you just started playing this game, and you got questions: What should I be doing? What should I be spending my gold on? I'm level 5, but I don't know how to best spend my Stat Points for my Class? Well, we've got answers.

Or maybe you've been playing it for a while and have wondered: How did some of these high levels get so strong? What are the best things to be doing as you level up? How do I get more powerful cards? I'm stuck on the campaign against a boss that's 10 levels higher than me, what should I do? What cards should I put in my deck to make it really powerful?

These questions and more will be answered in this guide!

Please note that this guide is not about the fastest way to level up, but the most efficient way to level up and be successful in this game. If you want to get to level 90 as fast as possible, this is not the guide for you. (In all honesty, according to the author of this guide, if you power level to 90, you will miss out on one of the most fun parts in this game: Level 50-59 PvP!) In fact, we will only really cover what you should be doing up to level 30, which is very similar for every Character. From there, you should have learned everything you need to know to be successful as your level progresses higher and higher in this game.

If you have questions about specific features (like where do I go to build a new deck for my Character?), you may want to check out the “Official help articles” page on the Forum that deals with how to find or use those features. {*Tip: In the game, under the “How to Play” section on the “Help” screen, the fourth button shows all the “Closed tips” you have viewed in the game. If you have already played the game for a while, reviewing these can reveal some neat tricks to the interface that you may not have understood when you first read them.}

Also, I will give you tips for building decks but will not be covering specific deck builds for each Character, as part of the fun of learning this game is figuring out which Race or Class combos work best for you – plus I have at least 3 different decks for each Character with their own purpose or mode (i.e. Challenge, Beast, Campaign).

Now let's get down to what exactly you should be doing. We will break it up into several level groups as we go along, and we'll cover what Game Modes to play, how to distribute your Stat Points during these levels, what Skills to train, what to spend your Gold on, and what type of cards to put in your Collector Deck. This may seem like a lot but the keys to being successful start with patience and time.

  • GAME MODES: Training (Very easy).
    1. The tendency in this game for beginners is to start at the campaign, which is where I started. But very soon into the first campaign you will encounter opponents who have powerful cards that you do not, or who are 5-10 levels higher than you, which is a lot when you're only level 10. Thus, you'll end up resorting to the random matches in the campaign to increase your levels or your rarity and number of cards. But, there is a better way! Although you may not be able to play all cards of your Class at levels 1-4, it is much, much easier to mine cards from the Random deck than at level 10 or so (although it can become even significantly easier to mine cards on a “Very easy” A.I. at level 30+, it can be very hard to reach that level without the right cards – plus, if you're patient, you won't really need to do this past level 10).
    2. Your goal for these early levels is to gain cards that can be put into your Collector deck or be sold for gold. In order to do this, you should play against the computer and make the match last as long as possible. Keep drawing cards from the Random deck, blocking the computer's damage, healing yourself when you get the cards, playing “Bonus damage” cards without any raw “Damage” cards attached, and dealing damage in small bursts – especially play 'Rare' “Damage” cards without any “Bonus damage” attached. If you get an 'Epic' rarity card and have the EP (Energy Points) to play it, do so as soon as possible, nothing sucks more than not be able to play an 'Epic' card at this point because the game ends – if you don't have the EP to play it at the moment, you might as well discard it. As the opponent's HP (Hit Points) gets closer to zero, save those 'Rare' or 'Elite' “Damage” cards for the finishing blow. At this point though, it really doesn't matter if you lose, the only thing you miss out on is a small amount of gold or bonus XP (Experience Points).
    3. Obviously, the best place to be doing this is in Training mode, where you can select your opponent and difficulty level. Training is the second option found on the “Single” player screen. Select a Character to go against and make sure the difficulty is set to “Very easy.” The “Very easy” A.I. will not play any buff cards, which limits the number of combos it can do against you. You can select “Random” or cycle through the different classes to see what it is like to play against them.
    4. {*Tip: Personally, I think going against the Human Knight is the easiest and best choice at low levels. The A.I. usually doesn't put a lot points into EP, so there are a lot of cards they will not play and just discard, and the “Very easy” A.I. pulls from the Random deck, so their chances of playing combos is very low. Thus, the Human Knight A.I. tends to play defense or healing cards as well as its bonus HP card, which helps make the matches last longer – allowing you to deal a little more damage and spend more time mining cards.}
  • STAT POINTS: EP (Energy Points).
    1. All stat points at beginning levels should be put toward EP in order that you can start playing some of those 'Elite' and 'Epic' cards you will start drawing from the Random deck.
  • SKILLS: None.
    1. There are no skills that you can train at Levels 1-4.
  • GOLD: Save it.
    1. You won't be making very much gold at this point in the game. “Very easy” Training only gives you 8 gold if you select the reward, so you will probably want to select the bonus 2 XP if you win to get to level 5 quicker. Chances are, you will reach level 5 with under 200 gold, which is fine.
    • At this point, only put cards that have the attribute “Bonus EP” into your Collector Deck, such as [Energy Potion], [Concentration], or any other Race/Class specific cards. Cards that you don't put in your Collector deck, get sent to your Stash and are still available to use – which we'll discuss further on what for. Only draw from your Collector Deck in a match when you have an elite or epic card that you can't play but would with the the bonus EP from these cards. Also watch for combos that boost these cards, such as [Wisdom] + [Energy Potion] or [Curse] + [Concentration].
    • {*Master Tip: If you are lucky enough to draw the 'Epic' card [Wisdom] early on, form a deck of it and three [Energy Potion] cards only. With these four cards, you can generally stall a low level “Very easy” Human Knight A.I. for 9 turns by reducing their EP below 10 using the “Potion of Wisdom” combo, which causes -30 EP for the opponent and +60 for you – making it that much easier to play those 'Epic' cards and possibly even a 'Mythical' one! And, since [Energy Potion] is a 'Rare' card, you have a pretty good chance at drawing at least one more during the match.}
***I know this may seem like a lot, but realistically you should be able to get to level 5 using this method in 1 hour (maybe 2 at most), depending on how much time you're spending on discovering new cards and reading their descriptions. Once again, I remind you that this may not be the fastest way to level up, but if done efficiently, will make you powerful – or at least get you all the cards you need to be competitive in PvP.

  • GAME MODES: Training (Very easy), Daily Quest, Arena Mode.
    1. Continue mining cards from the “Very easy” Training mode as you did during levels 1-4. All these extra cards that are going into your Stash will become useful very soon. If you are mining during these levels, hopefully by level 10 you will have 8 or more of every 'Normal', 'Rare', and 'Elite' card for your Character, as well as a few 'Epics' – and 8 of any card is all you will ever need. Also, you will be drawing around 1500 cards before level 10 using this method (you'll discard one-third of these so they won't all be in your stash), which gives you a high probability to encounter your first 'Mythical' card. If you are lucky to draw it during these levels (and you've been putting stats into EP, along with the EP boosting cards you have in your Collector Deck), you should be able to play it. Count yourself lucky if this happens to you – I'd say only about one out of every three characters using this method to level up will reach level 10 with one 'Mythical' card.
    2. {*Tip: During these levels, I tend to play 'Rare' and up damage cards and discard any 'Normal' damage cards that I can. Obviously, if all that you get in your hand is 'Normal' damage cards, you might as well play one as a method of discarding it. It is most beneficial to leave at least 3 hand slots open so that you can draw 3 cards each turn.}
    3. The next mode you should play is Daily Quest, which is found on the “Single” player screen. Clicking on the play button will bring up a map with 5-9 flags either clustered around a town (Break the Siege) or scattered around the map (The Hunt; The Bounty Hunt). I find these opponent's have decks around the “Medium” difficulty level, so you'll probably want to take a deck with a strategy into the match – either put only your highest damage cards into your deck, or check out the “Rookie” combos in the Catalog (found on the “Help” screen). These matches will net you 1 XP and double your level in gold. Defeating all the flags on the map (The Bounty Hunt will have a final Boss flag after beating all the flags on the map) will earn you an additional 1000 gold! This will become a staple in your game play, as it will provide the best time effective gold per match ratio.
    4. {*Tip: You may want to go to your Character's “Decks” page and create a new deck that you will start using for Daily Quest and against other harder A.I. opponents.}
    5. Arena mode is the first option on the “Duel” screen. If you are inkling for a taste of PvP (or maybe just some bonus XP at early levels), you can try out the Arena during these levels. The Arena uses no skills (a moot point during levels 5-9) and a special Random deck that both players draw from – basically, each player will draw the same rarity of cards each turn, although what card of that rarity you draw is random. If you've been putting all your stats into EP then you'll probably be competitive enough to win with some of those 'Elite' and 'Epic' cards you draw. However, the downside is that you don't get to keep any of the cards you play during Arena mode.
    1. Keep spending your points on EP. You're going to want enough EP to play a 'Mythical' card without any “Bonus EP” cards, and eventually you'll want to have enough EP to play two 'Mythicals' in one turn!
    2. Stat gains are different for every Character. Every Character can gain HP at about 5 per level, but EP gains may at first seem significantly different. Just remember that if a different Class has twice as much EP gain per level than another, it is probably because their Class specific cards cost more to use.
    3. {*Tip: the Elf Keeper should reach enough EP to play one 'Mythical' around level 7, at which point, you should start putting stats into HP – or since they have low HP and more bonus EP cards, every two levels from 5-10 spend 6 points on HP and 4 on EP.}
  • SKILLS: None.
    • At level 5, your first skill becomes available to train, and it is the same for every Class – “Scholarship”; but, it's not worth the gold to train it. While your Collector deck may seem small at the moment, from about level 20 on, you will have more than enough room in your Collector deck for all the cards that you want or need to play in one match.
    • {*Tip: Max size of the Collector deck is {(Level) + 9}; so, at level 5 you should have 14 slots and at level 20 you will have 29.}
  • GOLD: Booster packs (Large epic pack).
    1. Now you are ready to start using your gold. But first, before you can do that, you need to turn some of these extra cards into gold! To do this go to your Character's “Decks” page found on that Character's profile page. There are two buttons on the bottom of the page, and the right one “Salvage” allows you to sell cards for gold. A 'Normal' card will sell for 1 gold each, 'Rare' for 2, 'Elite' for 10, 'Epic' for 50, and 'Mythical' for 200. At this level though, you probably only have excess of 'Normal' and 'Rare' cards right now. Use the sliders to move all but 8 cards (the maximum of one specific card you can have in a Collector deck; although it is only 3 at the moment, at higher levels a skill unlocks the ability to hold up to 5 more) to the right side. Once you are done, press the sell button and collect your gold.
    2. Now that you have gold, the first place you are going to want to spend it is on the “Market” screen. The first option on this screen is “Booster packs.” There are three different packs for sell (normal, elite, epic) in three different sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Since you are going to have more than enough 'Rare' cards through mining, the first two packs in each size (normal, elite) are kind of useless. Really, all your going to use the Booster packs for is to gain 'Epics', as even 'Elite' cards become abundant through the Random deck. The best cost ratio for your gold is the 8000 gold “Large epic pack” which gives you 10 cards with a 60% chance for each card to be an 'Epic' card. So, you will probably gain 6 'Epic' cards for about 1333 gold each (the 'Elites' will probably be extras at this point). Although, because of the 60% on each of the 10 cards, a lot of times you can end up with 7 or even 8 'Epics'. This is the most cost efficient way to build up your deck with 'Epic' cards. Also, it is the abundance of these 'Epic' cards that is going to make you able to face any opponent up to level 50 with ease!
    3. {*Tip: When you win against the “Very easy” Training A.I., select the bonus gold during this interval. This will allow you to mine cards for twice as many matches, which is more helpful during these levels as you should have enough EP to play most 'Epic' cards. Depending on how fast you level, you may end up getting to level 10 without reaching 8000 gold. This is alright. Just remember to do the Daily Quest every day. Most Characters using these methods will reach level 10 buying only one “Large epic” booster pack.}
  • COLLECTOR DECK: Bonus EP, Heals HP.
    1. Build upon your “Bonus EP” cards in the Collector Deck with some “Heals HP” cards like the 'Rare' [Healing Potion]. If you've been putting Stats into EP, your HP may not be too high and you can get defeated – although usually not against the “Very easy” A.I. However, the A.I. will deal damage to you and these “Heals HP” cards will help you stay alive.
***You should be able to accomplish this in the first day of playing (unless you've spent all your time reading this article). But you may also wish to take your time playing the Daily Quest mission and then three or four “Very easy” Training matches a day. It's really up to how much time you have to play each day.

Personally, on some of my extra characters, which were my 3rd or 4th time building a Character, I spent over a week just using a very easy deck against the Daily Quest opponents, mining cards and getting the daily bonus until I had bought all the booster packs I wanted. With this method though, sometimes the A.I. of the Daily Quest opponents could combo me out of health in the first four turns, but this is where the “decrease buff area” card of some Classes came in handy – some of the A.I.'s won't play any cards in their hand if they don't have the corresponding buff card already in play. But during this time, I had my main Character that I played with for most of my time and leveling these characters were only secondary. So, I wouldn't really suggest this method for your main or first Character.

LEVEL 10-19
  • GAME MODES: Daily Quest, Arena, Challenge.
    1. Continue doing Daily Quest. It will be a main source of gold for you. In fact, if you do nothing else, spend the 15 minutes each day to complete the Daily Quest, this is what will ultimately make you stronger than your opponent – remember, patience and time are your friends to success (and the gold to get you there).
    2. Depending on what cards you have available to you and what decks you've made, you may still want to do Arena mode, but once you've got most of your 'Epic' cards and can build your own deck, the ability to play against other players with your own strategically built deck is much more exhilarating than the randomness of the Arena mode.
    3. Once you've built your first custom deck (check below under this interval's Collector Deck section if you want a good place to start), the place to be for PVP is Challenge mode, which is the second option on the “Duel” screen. This will be your main place for XP gain for the next 20 levels. A win gives you 33 XP per win with a bonus if the opponent is a higher level than you, and a loss will still give you 10 XP. Don't despair though, learn from different strategies and think about how to counter them, or how to defeat your opponent before they can play that combo. At this point in your growth, about 2 wins or 6 losses will help you level up, so it doesn't take much to get to level 20.
    4. {*Master Tip: When you win in PvP, you get the option to select 133 gold or a bonus 33 XP. Since it doesn't take a lot of XP to level up at these low levels, it can be beneficial to select the 133 gold to boost your gold and give you a couple extra battles per level in which to develop new strategies. After you have completed the first campaign and depending on if you need gold or not to play the Game of Luck or train skills, then it can be beneficial to select the bonus XP to level up (as level 50+ starts to take 1000's of XP to gain a level).}
    5. {*Master Tip: When you play PvP, always “Skip the Details” by clicking or pressing anywhere on the screen (this skips the animation of how damage for the turn is calculated). If you don't, it makes the PvP game last twice as long. Learn the combos of the different Characters either through playing single player or by looking through the Catalog (found on the “Help” screen). If a player plays a combo and you don't know what affects it applied, click on the card and select the little “i” for the card's information and combos, or look it up after the match. Skipping the animations allows you to play more PvP matches (or more matches against the A.I.), is friendlier to your opponent, and once you have learned the combos isn't needed, even in single player modes (it really is just cosmetic).}
    • At level 10, if you've spent your stats on EP, you'll reach the ability to play a 'Mythical' for your Class without any bonus EP – Melee: ~73 EP; Ranged: ~126 EP; Caster: ~150 EP.
    • Once you've accomplished this, you'll want to raise your HP to the point where you can survive most combos, which is at least 100 HP (there are combos which do more than 100 damage, but they usually can't be played until level 20 without an increase buff card).
  • SKILLS: None.
    1. At level 15, your second skill becomes available to train: “Nobility” – an XP/Gold boosting skill. Once again, it's not really worth it at the moment. Once you reach Level 60+, the boost for XP gains might help you out, but right now it is easy to gain enough XP to level up and there are plenty of ways to earn XP at those levels. Also, statistically at skill level 1, you'd have to play 2000 matches before the return on gold evens out. Save your gold for booster packs or the Game of Luck.
  • GOLD: Booster packs (Large epic pack), Game of Luck.
    • Keep spending your gold on the 'Large epic booster pack' until you have at least 3 of every 'Epic' rarity card. As you start to test and build your other decks, you may choose to stop buying booster packs once you have only two of some of the Epic cards that you won't use, but chances are because of the randomness, you'll end up with 6 of those and only 3 of the ones you actually wanted.
    • Once you have all the 'Epics' you want or need, you'll want to start getting the coveted 'Mythical' cards. The best place to do this at this level is the Game of Luck, which is the last option on the “Market” screen. At the 1st step in the Game of Luck, the % to receive a 'Mythical' is very, very low (0.005%), but each step doubles the gold cost and increases the % of receiving a 'Mythical' – 15% at the 9th step and 30% at 10th+ step. The cost to get to the 10th step is 10,230 gold. Once you have this much gold, you should play the Game of Luck 10 times in a row. This gives you a 43.3% chance of getting a 'Mythical' every time you do it this way. Every step after the 10th costs 10,240 gold and will only give you an additional 30% chance. The Game of Luck resets back to the 1st step after 6 hours, so you can play it again for less gold than the 11th+ step and have a higher chance of getting a 'Mythical' – also, using this method, you have approximately a 4.5% chance of getting two 'Mythicals' in row for only 10,230 gold.
  • COLLECTOR DECK: Very easy deck, Intermediate 'Epic' combo deck.
    1. The “Very easy” deck contains “heals HP,” “reduces opponents EP,” “increase your buff area,” and “increases your cards duration” cards. Basically, these are the types of cards that will prolong the match in order for you to mine cards from the Random deck longer – especially “Heals HP and “increase your cards duration” cards played to increase healing abilities. Remember though that every card you draw from the Collector deck during a match lessens the number of cards you draw from the Random deck, so only put cards that help you play cards that you can't (“bonus EP”) or help prolong the match (“heals HP”).
    2. The “Intermediate 'Epic' combo” deck will help you defeat your opponents much quicker than drawing from the Random deck. It contains an 'Epic' buff card that is Class specific (Orc: [Rage]; Human: [Enlightenment]; Elf: [Sacred Horn]) as well as a 'Normal' and a 'Rare' card to be played. If you want to take a look at this and all the other combos in the game, you can go to the “Help” screen (button on upper right) and browse through the Catalog. Or click on a card, such as [Rage], and the little “i” button in the bottom right corner of the card will bring up a card specific menu which can show which combos the card is a part of. Also, each Class has a specific 'Elite' card that has unique bonus properties – the Orc Warrior, Human Rogue, and Elf Keeper all have one that “decreases opponents buff area”, which can be extremely crippling at this point in the game. If you're a Human Knight or Elf Archer, I'll let you decide if you want to use your [Leadership] or [Quick Wit] cards or their associated combos in your deck – they have their uses, but in some game modes they can take up space in your Collector deck, causing you to not draw the cards that you actually want at low levels.
    3. {*Master Tip: Opponents at low levels don't have a lot of HP; thus, matches can easily be over in 5 turns or less. Decks of 15 or less are most efficient for dealing out damage at these levels.}
***Realistically, getting from level 10-20 using this method could take you anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. It really depends on how many Challenge mode battles you want to do each day, or if you want to just be patient at levels 10-13 doing Daily Quests and mining cards until you have all the 'Epic' cards you want and then start challenging other players. That way, you could be totally boss and crush them.

LEVEL 20-29
  • GAME MODES: Daily Quest, Challenge.
    • Daily Quest is your friend (*waves hands in mesmerizing motion*), and still your best place to earn gold. Keep it up and soon you will have all the cards you need to easily face the campaign.
    • Continue doing Challenge mode as your way of gaining XP. This is really where you get to start testing different deck strategies (see Collector Deck below for some ideas). During this interval, 3 to 5 wins will give you enough XP to level up. Try to be diverse, don't just challenge the same opponent over and over again because you can easily beat them. If you really think you got a good deck strategy, try testing it out on an opponent 6-10 levels higher than you – that can be a real challenge at this level.
    • By level 20 you should have 100 HP. Now that your starting to get some Mythicals (or maybe even two!), your going to want to start building your ability to play two of those awesome cards in one turn. Unless your an Elf Keeper, it's going to take you all of your stats until level 30 to reach this ability.
    • {*Tip: Elf Keeper should reach 302 EP at level 28. At which point you'll want to start building your HP up; however, the Caster Class is the only Class to have low Stat Point cost for Regeneration (5/1 – essentially 1 “Heal HP” per level). It can be beneficial for the Elf Keeper to alternate between putting Stat Points into HP and into Regeneration while on its way to 200 HP (but it is not necessary). Eventually, you will want this much HP, otherwise some classes can KO you in 1-2 rounds with the right cards – before you can get enough of your good cards in play.}
  • SKILLS: None.
    1. At level 22, your third skill becomes available – another XP and/or Gold boosting skill. Which is still fairly useless at the moment. Save your gold for the Game of Luck.
  • GOLD: Game of Luck.
    • These are the levels where you really want to get your 'Mythical' cards for your Class, as you will now be able to play them alongside your other combos to do massive damage. Based on your “luck” and how long you spend doing Daily Quests vs. gaining XP through Challenge mode during these levels, you should end up with approximately 1.5 of each 'Mythical' card – What? 1.5? How? Well, basically there are four 'Mythical' cards that you can get, so by level 30 you will probably have around 6 'Mythicals' – so you could have 3 of one and 1 of the others or 2-1-2-1 or some other random combo. Hopefully it's more of the raw damage 'Mythicals' as those tend to be more destructive to your opponents in battle, but we will take whatever we can get.
    • {*Tip: Sometimes you will hit it big playing the Game of Luck, winning 20,000 or even 50,000 gold on the 10th step (approximately one in every 20 times when playing the first 10 steps). The tendency can be to want to continue playing with this newly acquired gold as the 11th step seems to give good odds at gaining 10,000+ gold, but statistics show us that over time only playing the first 10 steps and then waiting for the Game of Luck to reset results in more 'Mythicals' and more gold! I have tried both methods and I can confirm this. Also, at level 30 you don't really need 3 of each 'Mythcial' yet – one or two of each will do you just fine. Save your gold, be patient and in time you will be more successful.}
  • COLLECTOR DECK: Your choice.
    1. As your EP and level increases, your ability to play a wider array of combos does as well. At level 20, you gain an extra buff slot, so you can finally play your Class' 'Special' card combo, which is a “Master” combo but takes two turns to activate (unless you have an “increase play area” card/combo in play). You could build upon your “Intermediate 'Epic' Combo” deck with some “Skilled” combos using the same 'Epic' buff card or try out new and differing combination. Try to stick to only 2 different buff cards and their corresponding combos in your deck. These are the levels that you want to start testing out strategies, figuring out what works best for you.
    2. {*Master Tip: Take your deck to Challenge mode and see how it fairs against other Players. If your PvP opponent defeats you handily, try using some of the same type or level of combos they employed in your own hand (since you should have at least 3 of every card for your Race/Class) or look for cards that would counter those strategies. Sometimes PvP can be luck of the draw, but most times, especially at these levels, the better deck build will always win.}
***This is the part that could take the most time. If you really want to be able to defeat any opponent in the campaign with ease, I wouldn't suggest attempting the campaign until you have at least 4 'Mythicals' – it will make the final bosses 100 times easier. If you're patient here, it can make the mid-level grind not hard at all. Approaching level 40-60 can be hard without any 'Mythicals' – as it becomes harder to compete in PvP and against the A.I. without them.

  • GAME MODES: Daily Quest. Campaign. Challenge. Tournaments. Slay the Beast.
    • Daily Quest will probably always be your best gold per match ratio. Personally there are days where I enjoy just playing Daily Quest and then moving on to play other games or other activities in my free time – and then after a week when I have the gold I want or the skill I'm training completes, I'll spend more time that day testing out new strategies on the computer and other players.
    • Now you are ready to take on everything the 1st Campaign has to offer. Take it slow. If you encounter a boss who you are unable to defeat, try creating a deck that either deals out more damage early on and overpower them, or create a deck that counters their Stats, such as combos that reduce Heal HP. Once you are done, your level will be in the mid-50s – if you followed this guide, probably either level 53 or 54. The 1st Campaign has three final bosses (Orc, Human, Elf) who will give you 3 'Heroic' cards and enough XP to make it to lv.52+. The 2nd Campaign gives no XP, but lots of gold and one final boss who gives you a 'Heroic' card. The 3rd Campaign has one final boss with a 'Heroic' card and enough XP to make it to lv.64+.
    • {*Tip: The 1st Campaign will have opponents at levels lower than you now: 1, 6, 12, and 24 – when you face a level 1, 6, or 12 opponent, take a deck with only “heal HP” cards and do a little more card mining from the Random deck. If you are lucky, you can get another 'Mythical' card by doing this throughout the campaign. And if you were ever wanting to mine cards again, doing it against these opponents is 100 times easier than a “Very easy” opponent at your current level.}
    • Continue doing Challenge mode as you work through the campaign. Whenever you level up, head over to PvP and find an opponent. When you are doing well against the A.I., the temptation can be to quickly finish the 1st Campaign and then start dueling in the 50-59 range; but, don't miss out on the opportunity and opponents from level 30-49.
    • {*Master Tip: After defeating the first two campaigns (the 2nd does not give any experience, but a lot of gold and a pretty good 'Heroic' card [Royal Blood]), hold off on starting the 3rd Campaign until you reach level 60. Just continue to play Challenge mode and Daily Quest during this interval. Don't take this opportunity for granted or you might regret it at higher levels. There are usually a decent amount of opponents around this level who have also generally beaten the 1st Campaign (and probably the 2nd). No one under level 60 will have the final 'Heroic' card (unless they paid credits for it). This means you will hopefully be able to play a lot games figuring out different strategies using one or more of your four 'Heroic' cards, earning gold and leveling up your skills.}
    • Tournaments are the fifth option on the “Duel” screen. Tournaments have brackets for different level groups, require you to sign up, and are usually played on Saturdays (depending on your time zone). While you can certainly compete in Tournaments before level 30 when they are available, the real challenge and reward comes from the lv.30+ ladders (where you can win a 'Mythical' card for 1st place). If you have the time and are available, I encourage you to compete in a Tournament as you can always earn a little extra gold from coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. It is a great place to test out whether your deck is really competitive or not. Learn from your losses, and start to come up with new strategies.
    • Slay the Beast is the third option on the “Duel” screen. The Beast shows up every 3 hours (the timer near the top shows how many minutes until it does) and acts as a multiplayer boss, where multiple players can fight it at the same time, and once it is defeated (or you are), you get some gold for your participation. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider trying to help Slay the Beast until you have completed the 1st Campaign. The Beast is lv.99, has high Stats and an array of Skills (some which you cannot even train yet). Almost all Characters and strategies under lv.55 tend to do almost no damage to the Beast and get defeated in 3 turns or less from the high Bonus Damage. As for decent strategies to fight the Beast, a deck with your 'Mythical' buff card and its combo is a good start as it “reduces opponents heal”; also, your other two Class 'Mythicals' and the Heroics from the 1st Campaign form a pretty good “Master” combo; and lastly, the [Wisdom] card along with the Class cards for “increase bonus duration” and “decrease bonus duration” form a good combo that increases your bonus duration cards and thus the turns your other cards do damage (this is also where the lv.50 Class Skill that increases bonus duration really comes in handy if you are Ranged or Caster Class).
  • STAT POINTS: EP. HP. Then whatever you want!
    1. Finish increasing your EP to where you can play two 'Mythicals' in one turn (Melee: ~145 EP, ~lv.31; Ranged: ~250 EP, ~lv.32; Caster: ~302 EP, ~lv.28). Being able to play two 'Mythicals' in one turn is a great advantage in PvP, and required for Orc Warrior if you want to pull off your “Master” level 'Mythical' combo.
    2. Then, increase your HP to 200. This will take most classes to level 50 (Melee: ~lv.48; Ranged: ~lv.52; Caster: ~lv.52). At level 50+, 200 or more HP is almost a must. Unless you are an Elf Keeper (who may want to put some points into Regeneration on their way to 200 HP), getting to 200 HP should be your next priority if you want to be competitive.
    3. {*Tip: There are some character builds that do not have a base HP of 200 and rely on the Class skill that permanently increases HP to get over 200. Although it can be a really good advanced strategy once you get to really high levels, I would not suggest it unless you are totally convinced of your plan as there are some card combinations that can be played in the first 2 turns that can deal out 150+ damage. And, if you think you may eventually employ one of these strategies, you can always get 200 HP first and then at a higher level reset and respec your Character's Stat Points.}
    4. From here, what you choose to increase is all up to you. There are quite a few strategies on how to play each Character, each with their own bonuses from Might, Resistance, and Regeneration. It really depends on how you wish to play your Character. Analysis suggests that Stats that require less Points for your Class are the better choice to increase. Also, some Character builds will continue to put more Points into HP (to make your max really high and thus unable to be defeated in less than 5 turns) or EP (as there are now multiple ways for each Class to play 3 or more cards or as a way to counter decrease EP strategies).
  • SKILLS: Bonus HP!
    • At level 30, your first useful skill is available to train – a bonus HP skill. It permanently increases your max HP for each match, much like the Human Knight's 'Special' card but you don't have to play anything – which makes it totally awesome! This is definitely the one skill you should always train when you have the gold and it is available.
    • Pretty much all the skills past this point are useful to train – each has their own purpose. When and in what order you train them is all up to you (and how much gold you have – which, if you have followed my advice, is still quite a lot because you have all that gold from the campaigns that you haven't even touched yet!). Some people like to complete the campaigns, get all the heroic cards and power level, others like to take it slow and wait for skills to finish training before leveling. The choice at this point is really up to you. Either way, you should have the cards and the ability to be successful against any opponent who is equal in level (equal is +/- 5 levels).
  • GOLD: Skills. Game of Luck.
    • The real question here is should I be spending my gold first on training these new skills or on the Game of Luck until I get 3 of each 'Mythical' card. The choice is really up to you on which you think is more important.
    • Personally, I think the bonus HP skill is awesome as it permanently increases your HP for the entire match, so when I have the gold available, I almost always train it first before anything else. After that, I'll play the Game of Luck until I have all the Mythicals I want. Once I do that, I can spend all the gold I want on training the rest of the skills.
  • COLLECTOR DECK: Mythical, Mythical, Mythical.
    • As your level goes up (and your opponents as well), 'Mythical' cards are the way to go – especially the raw damage ones. Take the Human Rogue – it's two 'Mythical' damage cards are two-duration cards that do 25 and 20 damage a round – if you have three of each card and they are not blocked, reduced, or decreased in duration, they will do a total of 270 damage! And that is without increasing their duration or any other combos you decide to play alongside them.
    • {*Master Tip: If you've read through the entire guide, or after following it once, decide to play through again with another Character, most of the deck strategies I suggest at each level interval can actually be employed during the previous interval if you have the cards to pull it off – making you very overpowered and almost guaranteed to win (except against other OP PvP players).}

  • I'm already level 50 and I didn't follow your guide, do I need to start over?
    • No. On my first play through, I didn't follow this method – but, I hit that proverbial wall at around level 30 where the A.I. sometimes starts playing 'Mythicals', defeating you and you're like, “What was that?” So I asked myself, how do I get myself some of those? Now, if you followed this guide, you will end up prepared before that wall even hits, and you will breeze right through it.
    • If that wasn't you, what can you do? Well, I'd start at the part in the guide that you never finished:
    • How did you distribute your Stat Points? Do you have enough EP to play two mythical cards and 200 HP?
      • If not, you can go to the Stat screen on your Character page and click the “Reset” button for the first time fee of 200 gold (it goes up the more times you use it). This allows you to respec your Stat Points.
    • Do you still need to mine for some 'Elite' cards? (Yes, there are some level 50's who don't have multiples of all their 'Elite' cards)
      • If not, then go to Practice and face ”Very easy” opponents until you do.
    • Do you have at least 3 of each 'Epic' card?
      • If not, play Daily Quest for about 4 days until you have the 8000 gold to buy the “Large epic” booster pack in the Market. Continue this until you have the 'Epic' cards you need.
    • Do you have absolutely no 'Mythicals'?
      • Then save your gold from Daily Quest and play the Game of Luck until you got some. Once you do, you'll start having the ability to compete in PvP and deal damage to the Beast. Personally, some of my characters have beaten the first campaign and reached level 55 with only 8 'Mythicals' (approximately 2 of each) and one reached level 55 with 18 'Mythicals'!
      (Note to self: Did I really just summarize my entire guide with four simple points?)
  • I'm short on gold and have already completed the Daily Quest mission for today, should I just go back to mining cards on Very easy?
    • You can, but past level 10 (or once you have all the 'Elite' cards you will need), it is not really efficient. Daily quest is a much better option because of time management. Daily quest usually has somewhere between 5-9 opponents that you have to face, and defeating all of them nets you an additional 1000 gold. If you are using a powerful damage deck, you can usually kill the A.I. in 4-6 turns or about 1:30-2:30 minutes (so let's say 2 minutes on average). Thus, for a level 50 Character, you can earn 1500-1900 gold in 10-18 minutes (It usually takes me around 15 minutes or less to complete Daily Quest for one Character). Mining on “Very easy” drags matches out into the 30-40 turn range and can net you around 80-100 cards, most of the 'Normal' and 'Rare' range, which only give you 1 gold per 'Normal' and 2 gold per 'Rare' card, so you might make around an average 200 gold (“Very easy” Training still only gives 2 XP and 8 gold no matter what your level). 30-40 turns can easily take around 10 minutes (or more) for a match. So, you'd only be making about 300 gold every 15 minutes as opposed to the 1500+ gold (over 5 times as much!) in the same amount of time from completing Daily Quest.
    • Also, there are other things which will help you easily make 2000+ gold a day. When you win in PvP mode, you can select the 133 gold bonus. The game also counts how many matches in any mode you play each day and gives you a Daily Bonus the next day when you log in. I usually make between 100-300 gold a day that way (if you have multiple characters, each of them receives this gold bonus – it is not spread evenly amongst all Characters; if it says 200 gold, then each Character on your account gets 200 gold). 2000 gold a day means you can play the Game of Luck every 5 days – although sometimes you get unlucky and get the 2000 gold bonus instead, which just means that it saved you that first day of earning gold, so your only 4 more days away now!
  • But isn't there a chance to draw a 'Mythical' card from the Random deck when I mine on “Very easy”?
    • Yes, but the chance is very, very low (0.025% – that is once in every 4,000 cards!). Depending on your method of mining and how many cards you draw from the Random deck each match, you will only see one 'Mythical' card for every 50 matches. If one of these mining matches takes around 10 minutes to complete, that means you will spend 8+ hours of gameplay to find one 'Mythical' card.
    • On the other hand, by beating the Daily Quest everyday and saving gold, you will probably get one 'Mythical' card through the Game of Luck for approximately every 3 hours of gameplay (based on 15 minutes to beat all Daily Quest flags and a 43.3% chance to receive a 'Mythical' by playing the first 10 steps of Game of Luck in a row). Game of Luck also has the added bonus of the possibility to gain more gold than you spend, which has the probably of happening about one in every 20 times you play this way (and also a 6.8% chance to receive 10,000 gold – which is about as much as you would need to play the Game of Luck again). Most of the time you end up with either a 'Mythical' or around 5000 gold (about half of what it costs you to play again).
    • Once, on the 8th, 9th, and 10th step I got 'Mythical', 'Mythical', and 10,000 gold! Mind you, that was only once out of the 100 or so times I've played it this way; but hey, play it right and you'll get super lucky every once in a while.
  • Can't I just level up to 50 using first campaign and use the gold to play Game of Luck to get my 'Mythicals'?
    • Certainly, that is a method that many high level players used and also suggest to beginning players. If that is what you want to do instead of this guide, I encourage you to do so. I would like to note that while playing through the first campaign will get you past level 52, and net you around 80,000+ gold (which would let you play the game of luck at the 11th step about 9 times in a row), it does not really set you up to be successful right away at level 50. You could totally waste the 80,000 gold and only get 3 'Mythicals' (which is statistically how much you would end up with; +/- ~1 'Mythical') – if you're patient, that 80,000 gold will come in much handier training some of those expensive skills, which start costing 15,000+ gold at level 60. Also, most of the strategies I developed for each of my characters was tested as I leveled from 10-30, during those times the matches are much shorter and allow you try out different combos much easier than against a level 50 opponent.
    • Also, once you finish the campaigns, you will end up at level 60+ and about the only thing to keep you playing the game is PvP or leveling your Character and its skills to compete in PvP. While level 50-59 might be the sweet spot for PvP (the right amount of HP, EP, and enough opponents to face), there are usually a plethora of level 10-49 players on the game at any one time – don't take this opportunity and its diverse opponents for granted! PvP is one of, if not, the best aspects of this game.
    • On the other hand, from about level 60 on, PvP matches can become hard to find and they are usually against the same players. Players who haven't put the time (and patience) in making their Character strong aren't too successful and stop playing around this point. At higher levels, you could spend an hour on the game and not even find an opponent online who is in your level range. While some high level players wouldn't care if the opponent is even 20+ levels higher than them (because there is supposedly less of a difference in the strength between a level 60 and 80 Character than a level 10 and 30 Character), personally I would not – if my Character is level 60, I wouldn't want to go up against a level 80 Character – that's an additional 100 Stat Points that they have to distribute! And those will end up being the game breaker – an Orc Warrior could have an additional 14 Might or an Elf Keeper could have another 20 Regeneration, which is hard to counter if you don't have the cards or Stats to do that.
  • Why do all the top players only use decks of around 30 cards?
    • At level 40 you gain the ability to have 10 cards in your hand, which means on turn 1 you will draw 10 cards, and let's say you get the chance to draw 3 cards every turn – that means it will take you an additional 7 turns to draw the other 20 cards from your Collector Deck. Most PvP games don't last longer than 10 turns (until you get to higher levels, at which point you can learn a skill to carry more than 3 of any one card). So, 30 cards assures that you will probably see every card in your deck, and anything more than 37 cards gives you a good probability that you might not even get the cards to do the combo you want in a match. Now there are some decks built around stalling and prolonging matches past the 10th turn that contain more than 37 cards, but even then, they sometimes have the unlucky disadvantage of not drawing the right cards at the beginning of the match. Thus, you must think carefully about which are the combos you want to employ in the match and include just those cards. There are many 30-card deck combinations for each Class that can deal 400-500 total damage (or even more!) to the opponent (that is, if it is not reduced, blocked, or dispelled) – that's easily more than twice the HP of any opponent you will face. I have even defeated a 380 HP computer A.I. in 4 turns!
    • The basic premise behind Deck Size is how many cards you will draw during the match, which is determined by “Hand Slots”, “Draw Cards count”, and “Turn Count.” “Hand slots” starts at 5, and increases to 10 – it determines how many cards you will draw on the the first turn. “Draw Cards count” starts at 3, and (except for the Elf Archer 'Elite' card [Quick Wit]) a skill becomes available at level 60 to increase this – it determines how many cards you will draw on each successive turn after the first. “Turn count” is the total number of turns a match takes – it determines the max number of cards you will see in a given match. Thus, the formula for max cards you draw in a match is {“HS” + “DC” x (“TC”-1)}. If you keep getting defeated in 5 turns or less, perhaps you should try developing a deck that uses the max cards for your Character to use in 5 turns, and maybe only a few more – every card beyond this number essentially lowers your chance to draw the cards you need to win. Likewise, if you keep running out of cards and getting defeated in 12 turns, you might want to think about adding more cards to your deck. Obviously, this formula adjusts as needed for Character level and opponent difficulty or level.
  • Which is the best Class?
    • They all have their pros and cons. Melee Class tends to be high HP, high damage, allowing them to deal the most amount of damage in a single turn but often don't fare too well in longer battles. Caster Class has high EP, and regeneration, which means they excel in longer battles but can very easily get overpowered quickly before their attack or defense is up. Ranged Class is a mix of both – mid HP, mid EP, and focus more on debilitating effects, which can be tricky to play.
    • If you're asking yourself, “What Character should I choose to play first?” Choose a Class that best fits your style of play. If you still cannot decide, I would suggest a Ranged Class (Human Rogue or Elf Archer), as they tend to be more middle ground between the other two and allow you a slightly wider range of options on how to play your Character, but they are by no means the “best” Class.
  • Since you've revealed all this information, won't everyone be super powerful and make it that much harder at high levels?
    • First, not everyone reads the forums, so no. In fact, since there aren't a lot of posts, I only check the forums about once a week. My guess is most people won't even see it, and some of those who do won't take the time to read it, much less actual beginners (maybe I should do a FAQ to answer actual questions or decisions beginners should make?). I could actually assume if you are reading this, you've played the game for at least two weeks and your first Character is at least level 50, then you decided to check out the forums and see what is available from here on out for you. Probably this information will only help you as you start to build your second Character. Personally, I didn't check out the forums the first week I played the game.
    • Second and honestly, I've faced a lot of players around my levels who are super easy to defeat, and while it is nice to get the XP and gold for the win, it gets boring – my favorite win is a close one, where I'm about to lose all my health and the opponent thinks they're going to win but then I counter and “Pow! Right in the kisser.” It's like they didn't see it coming – those are much more fun to play. Once you've won a PvP match with less than 10 HP, you'll realize the amazing strategy and fun in this game. So, hopefully by creating this guide there will be more players ready and willing to challenge others in PvP at level 50+.
  • I didn't use your guide or this method and I am successful in this game.
    • Not really a question, but nonetheless a valid point. There are many ways to level up and be successful in this game. This is “Aleatory's” guide to doing so. Depending on your play style and how long (or short) you think you might be playing this game, there are other methods by which you can do this. If you think you have a valid method, I encourage you to create your own guide.
Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. I know it is detailed and thus very lengthy, but I did try to organize and format it in a way to easily find the information you want. Please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

{*Tip: If you want to reference to part of this guide in your comment, use the Section Title, Number, and Letter of that Point – i.e. “Level 10-19: 5c” if you want to talk about the Tip for deck size in your comment. This should hopefully reduce the length of your comment. Thank you.}

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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by 1mb4k4 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:15 am

Well, that's cool! :)

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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by Aleatory » Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:10 am

Thank you. I started writing it last week and finished over the weekend, but it took me a couple of extra days to format it with BBCode for the forums.

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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by Motylek » Thu Nov 27, 2014 1:16 pm

Hello Aleatory,

This is fantastic and admirable piece of work and new players could probably find it very helpful.

EDIT: I am sorry, I was in a hurry and did not read your post as carefully, as I should. My apology

Best regards
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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by Aleatory » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:04 pm

Thank you for your comments Motylek.

(edit: and thank you for your attempts to fact check my guide. I appreciated your opinions and views on the guide.

If anyone does find errors in the guide, feel free to PM me and I will correct it.)

The only game mode I didn't include was Guilds, as my experience with them is very little at the moment, but perhaps that can be added in later once I've gathered more information.

As I said there are many ways to level up and be successful, but this is "Aleatory's" way to it. If you enjoy playing the game a different way, then I encourage you to do that.


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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by kezziahh » Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:29 am

great tips Aleatory :)

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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by lucygp » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:45 am

it took me a couple of extra days to format it with BBCode for the forums.

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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by jafirelord » Mon Apr 06, 2015 4:03 pm

Nice guide but I did not follow it. I just dump gold into training the 4k exp and got to level 77. Now it is a struggle winning against multiplayer battles.

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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by Toimu » Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:39 am

Really great detailed info! I'v read about half, I'll need to keep coming back to it as I level. Thank you for taking the time to write it!
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Re: Aleatory's Level Up Guide to Success

Post by Malorey » Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:36 am

Hi! I just started playing an Elf Keeper and this guide is awesome! Just what I was looking for! I'm only level 1 and will follow it step by step. Thank you for taking the time to write it for us :D

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