Topic 6 Random Deck

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Topic 6 Random Deck

Post by Essence Team » Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:43 pm

In this topic I'll talk about the Random Deck.

1) The Random Deck is full with unlimited number of cards.
2) Every possible card but the hero special card and the heroic cards can be found in the Random Deck.
3) In the Random Deck there could be found even cards that your hero character type cannot use.
4) These are the chances for the quality of the drawn card:
a) 76.475% for Normal card
b) 20.000% for Rare card
c) 3.000% for Elite card
d) 0.500% for Epic card
e) 0.030% for Mythical card
5) If the card you draw is rare (according to the chances from (4)), there is equal chance to be drawn any rare cardin the game (see Example 1)
6) When you draw a card from the Random Deck and in the Dismiss Phase you throw it away (put it in the dismiss area), after the end of the combat it WILL BE LOST.
7) When you draw a card from the Random Deck and don't use it (it stays in your hand until the end of the combat), after the end of the combat it WILL BE LOST.
8) When you draw a card from the Random Deck, play it and it gives its effects, the card goes to the Played Cards Area. After the combat and after the win or lose end of the game, each card from the Played Cards Area (i.e. each played card durign the combat) is proposed for you to be stored in your Collector Deck.

Example 1:
Let say that currently there are 20 rare cards released in the game. If you hit a rare card, drawing from the Random Deck (20% chance for this event to happen), this means that you have (1/20) chance to hit concrete rare card (from these 20 rare cards available). So the total chance to hit a concrete rare card is 0.2*(1/20)=1.00%

That's it, check the other topics as well!

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