Topic 12: The Buff Area

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Topic 12: The Buff Area

Post by Essence Team » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:34 am

In this topic I'll talk about the Buff Area.

1) The buff area is the place where you can equip and/or change and/or remove buff cards during every Equip Phase of the combat.
2) You cannot equip non-buff cards in the buff area as you cannot play buff cards in the play area during Attack/Defence Phase.
3) The buff area has a size - a number of card slots that define the maximum number of equipped buff cards.
4) If your buff area is full (you have equipped all of its card slots with buff cards) during the Equip Phase) you can still exchange buff cards between your hand and your buff area, but you cannot remove buff cards from your buff area (as there is no place in the hand for this removed card)
5) You can see all the equipped buff cards in the buff area of your opponent, as does he.
6) Some buff cards are with specified attribute "Duration", the rest buff cards have default unlimited Duration (they will last until the end of the combat).
7) The size of the buff area of each hero depends on its current level:
a) level 1-19: the buff area has 1 card slots
b) level 20-39: the buff area has 2 card slots
c) level >39: the buff area has 3 card slots
8) The attribute "Increase your buff area" increases the number of card slots in your buff area.
9) The attribute "Decrease opponent's buff area" decreases the number of card slots of your opponent's buff area.
10) The skill "Armory" also increases your buff area.
11) There is no maximum available buff size - you can increase it as you wish.
12) The minimum size of the buff area of both you and your opponent is zero card slots.

That's it, check the other topics as well!

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