Topic 13: The Dismiss Area

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Topic 13: The Dismiss Area

Post by Essence Team » Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:11 pm

In this topic I'll talk about the Dismiss Area.

1) The dismiss area is the place where you can dismiss a card from your hand during every Dismiss Phase of the combat.
2) You cannot dismiss only your Hero Special Card.
3) If you dismiss a card drawn from the Random Deck it will be vanish after the combat ends.
4) If you dismiss a card drawn from the Collector Deck you do not lose it from your Collector Deck, but it will not be available for the current combat and you will not be able to re-draw it again from your Collector Deck.
5) The dismiss area has a size - a number of card slots that define the maximum number of cards that you can dismiss.
6) You can see all the dismissed cards in the dismiss area of your opponent, as does he.
7) The size of the dismiss area of each hero is 1 (one) card slot. This means that you can dismiss from your hand up to 1 card each turn.
8) The attribute "Increase your dismiss area" increases the number of card slots in your dismiss area so you will be able to dismiss more cards from your hand.
9) The attribute "Decrease opponent's dismiss area" decreases the number of card slots of your opponent's dismiss area.
10) The skill "Purity" also increases your dismiss area.
11) There is no maximum available size of your dismiss area - you can increase it as you wish.
12) The minimum size of the dismiss area for both you and your opponent is zero card slots.

That's it, check the other topics as well!

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