Topic 14: Battle Victory

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Topic 14: Battle Victory

Post by Essence Team » Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:21 am

In this topic I'll talk about the Battle Victory.

1) Each combat is a victory for one of the heroes. You will win if one of the following events occur:
a) You kill the opponent's hero, and prevent him from killing you first;
b) You and your opponent's hero kill each other in a turn in which you act first and have Attack Phase;
c) Your opponent surrenders;
d) Your opponent drops.
2) When you win, you can check all kind of statistics for the combat. Total damage, blocked damage and heal each of the players has done during the whole combat.
3) When you win, you will receive some Experience Points as a reward. Also you will receive the option to choose between: more Experience Points or Gold.
4) The amount of Experience Points and Gold that you will receive as a reward (from point 3) depends on:
a) What is your opponent (AI opponent or another human player)
b) What is the level of your opponent in comparison with your level (the higher the level of your opponent is, the higher amount of Experience and Gold you will receive as a reward).
5) You will increase your win rate statistic.
6) If the game was Ranking Game you will receive Ranking scores.
7) Whatever the game type is, and whatever the result is (you win or lose) you will be able to save in your Collector Deck all the cards drawn from the Random Deck that you have played (or equipped).

That's it, check the other topics as well!

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