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Topic 16: Experience

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:59 am
by Essence Team
In this topic I'll talk about the Experience.

1) When you win or lose in any game type you get certain amount of Experience Points.
2) Gaining Experience Points your hero reaches new levels and gets stronger.
3) Every level needs a certain amount of gathered Experience Points.
4) There is a progressive difference in the required Experience Points for each new higher level.
5) The leveling up provides you with stat points, increased hand, buff area and Collector Deck.
6) The leveling up fulfills the level requirements of the skills.
7) Besides playing games and mostly winning combats, you can get more Experience Points by:
- completing quests in the Single Player Campaign;
- purchasing Experience Points in the Market, using Gold.
8) Some skills increase the gained Experience when you win.

That's it, check the other topics as well!