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Topic 1: The Combat

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:00 pm
by Essence Team
Hi to all!

In these several topics I'll cover detailed information about the gameplay of Battlegrounds of Eldhelm. If you don't understand some game name/element/feature, look for the topic, which explains it in detail.

In this topic I'll talk about the combat in general.

1) Every combat is a duel between two heroes.
2) First you choose which hero of yours you want to fight with.
3) Than you choose your opponent. You can fight against another player's hero OR against an AI (Artificial Intelligence, or computer bot) hero.
4) The AI opponent has 3 difficulties.
5) You have two options to play with another human player: by Challenge Game or in Ranking Game.
6) There is also a Single Player Campaign
for each hero character.
7) Each combat ends with victory for one of the heroes and loss for the other.
8) The end of the battle can come through: a regular victory, a surrender by one of the heroes or by drop by one of the heroes (if both of the heroes are human players).
9) A regular victory is a victory, in which one of the heroes has killed his opponent. When the hit points of a hero become a negative number or zero (after the damages are dealt in the last turn), he is considered killed and loses the battle. The otherhero is considered as the winner of the battle.
10) You cannot fight with one of your heroes against another your hero.
11) You are not allowed to have multiple accounts and will not be able to fight with one of the heroes from your first account against one of the heroes from your second account.

That's it, check the other topics as well!