Topic 2: Heroes

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Topic 2: Heroes

Post by Essence Team » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:01 pm

In this topic I'll talk about the heroes.

1) You can have only one hero for free.
2) Every next hero (second, third, fourth, etc.) costs some credits Credits.
3) Every hero has a custom Collector Deck.
4) There are 3 hero characters right now: Orc Warrior, Human Rogue and Elf Keeper
5) Each hero character has type class (range, melee or caster) and race class (Orc, Human, Elf), which defines the cards, the skills and the combos he can use.
6) Each hero character has starting Hit Points and Energy Points.
7) Each hero character levels up by gathering Experience Points. By leveling up, each hero character can boost his hero stats, expand his hand, buff area, dismiss area and Collector Deck. Also he can unlock the possibility to tech different skills.
8) Every hero has career stats - full statistics about his combats with other human players and battle counts (with wins and loses) against AI players.
9) When a hero wins in Ranking Game he gets scores, which define his place in the global ranking list of heroes. Only the top 100 players are displayed.
10) Each of your heroes has a separated statistics, scores, Collector Deck, Gold count, etc. You cannot migrate Gold, cards or anything between your heroes nor between your hero and a hero of another player. Although the Credits you buy are global for your profile and can be used for each of your heroes as you wish.

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