no guild awards & guilds' honourless tactics

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no guild awards & guilds' honourless tactics

Post by ghastkill » Thu May 14, 2015 10:55 am


I would like to discuss about 2 matters in this post.
The first thing is the inability to receive any gold awards for guild activities,and daily amount that was awarded on behalf of duels (played the day before,for eg.).
It all began approximately 1 month ago when I stopped to receive the before mentioned stuff. I play Eldhelm on my laptop and iphone(ios 8).
Can you help me to solve this problem?

The second thing I would like to mention concerns the guild conquer mode.

It seems that this segment of the game turned into a not playing/avoiding the duels at all costs/to hell with my designated opponent;I'm going to be offline for a day deliberately so I will not lose! loop, so basically the people are not dueling at all( I'm talking about Crusades and Gods of Eldhelm guilds). As a member of 1 of these guilds I am unable to duel and to enjoy this game ,and it doesn't make sense to login in to play a certain game in order not to play it. It should not be like this; exploiting the nature of the game just to control more imaginary provinces. The thing that brought us together is the GAME , not the compulsive need for controlling the most territories by all means. By this conduct you all showed the warped and twisted human nature to control greedily as much as possible and forget the reason why you started to play this game. Have some honour people.

It's a bloody game, it should be fun and it's not. It's frustrating.

The Emperor protects.

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Re: no guild awards & guilds' honourless tactics

Post by 1mb4k4 » Sat May 16, 2015 8:52 am


I received and replied (via e-mail) to your issues.
You are receiving gold as usual!
Please be aware that the gold is given at a specific time. If you are not online at this time you won't receive any notification about receiving gold. Anyway the gold will be given!
Regarding the daily bonus there is a minimum amount of games you should finish in order to be eligible for this reward (please refer to the daily bonus button on the duel page)!

Yes, you are completely right about the conquer mode. Currently it seems it has some issues and creates tension between players :(
Everybody seems to be trying to cheat just because "everybody does". This is very sad :(
Anyway, there will be new changes to this mode hopefully improving the experience!


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