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New cards?

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 5:47 pm
by Squlque
:geek: Hi guys it's Skulque. Aka Snaggoth the black, Snaggothe the slayer, and Black hand Urakai.

My topic is new cards and new card combos.

I think we should introduce interrupt cards. Cards that instantly counter cards as they come in play. I think these cards should be consumable and able to be purchased for gold or credits. Each card should range in 2500-10000 gold or 15-100 credits depending on what they do. I envision the card coming into play to directly thwart certain actions by your opponent.

If you could create a reasonable interrupt card. Based on the prices I set. What would it do and what would you see as a fair price for a card that would burn up on screen after use? And remember u can only have three of these interrupt cards, regardless of type , as if "consumable " cards were a single card. So we set that 3 consumable limit up front preventing affluent players from domination all the time. So make the effect reasonable.

Also what if we had the ability to switch out class cards. Or to retrieve them from the discard pile?
I would like to see new class cards because I think it would make the game much more diverse. So if I started with say Fury IV but noticed I was taking too much damage I could switch out my class card on my defence round to say Bulwark ( a made up card I am imagining) which switches my +20 dmg to +20 shield. Or some other card like Berserker(another fake card) which would increase damage. But reduce ep. Say +20/-15ep.

Share some ideas.

Re: New cards?

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 12:40 am
by 1mb4k4
Thank you for your suggestion, it is noted!
Play stay tuned! :)

I think prices of "2500-10000 gold or 15-100 credits" are rather high.
Depends on how often you envision using them. You are willing to spend these money on a one time use of card instead of a skill.

I am really interested in consumables ...
Imagine a strange consumable card "Reverse", which converts all your damage to defense or the opposite - might be handy :)
Monsters or pets are also kind of appropriate consumable cards.
What do you think?

Re: New cards?

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 1:27 am
by Squlque
Pets as consumables... nice like summon up a demon who leaves afterwards.. yeah i like that.

Re: New cards?

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 2:28 pm
by Tremblor
I've thought about interrupts before, and have had plenty of times when I wished I had one. But I have to say I oppose them (though I do greatly appreciate your activity/thoughts in the forum). I'm not sure exactly how an interrupt would work (to some extent, playing Resistance or Dispel when you are on defense is like an interrupt), but if the opponent was given 15 seconds to play an interrupt card each time a card was played (and then the other player had 15 seconds to interrupt the interrupt?), it would SIGNIFICANTLY lengthen every game. The other reason I don't like the idea is that it would break combos, which are key to the fun/strategy of the game. The "start your big combo when you are on defense and finish it on offense" dynamic would be lost. As an orc, I would never get to play my big combo, as it would get interrupted before I could get it out. As much as I hate facing Honor Guidance, I think the pesky humans should at least be able to get it out and I need to be able to survive a whole round of it if need be. My two cents. As far as it being a consumable with a high price, no single game is worth 2500 gold to win -- that money is better spent on skills.

I do like the idea of getting to choose among a selection of class cards at the beginning of the game (or during the game, but again, that's going to eat up time if I get extra time each turn to swap that out). And sure, a card that lets you resurrect your class card should work. Retrieving my Fury IV card probably isn't worth me wasting a play card for, but nice to have the option for some slower decks.

A suggestion that I will make (I don't have time right now to propose any answers) is a combo for (or strengthening somehow) Haunting Voices. It's a mythical that is so weak that I've only seen it played only once or twice. Most people can draw more cards than they can play, anyway, so you need at least a few in play to really be effective. (And Roar is such a cool card that I love to play, but my Roar deck is pretty much a loser because it's too slow -- let us orcs Roar on turn one!)