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Alternative MOD

Post by WasPman » Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:29 pm


I found myself very excited with your game.
Just would like to share my idea with developers, which may help you find more followers all over the world.
Basically it consists of switching from fantasy world into modern times experience, based on the same game engine. All we need to do is redrawing all card's images and correct a bit of description.

Here is what I mean:
1) The main three classes should be:
- Heavy-armored Squad with shoot-guns, explosives, grenades etc (instead of Orc Warrioir),
- Assault Squad with assault rifles, flash-and-stun grenades, smoke grenades and some sabotage kits (instead of The Human Rogue); SWAT Team with shields, minesweepers and some counter-attack skills (instead of The Human Knight),
- Night OPS [ambush] Squad with sniper rifles, knifes and camouflage kits (instead of Th Elf Archer); Support [medic] Team with machine-guns, med kits, smoke etc. (instead of The Elf Keeper).

2) Most Defensive cards images should describe armor and covering (behind walls, wood, iron, thin metal, a "take cover" command etc.), Damage cards - attacks from different firearms (knives) according to its damage stats, Armor-Piercing cards - special Piercing ammo or wing attacks.
Different special skills may describe explosions, artillery, blasts, smoke, gas, stuns or using some hi-tech. Attack bonus may be a result of Air Drone Scouting or Heat Seeking...

3) Description may describe the same meaning of the card but in the modern way so it wouldn't affect the game balance. The most work probably lays down on the artists shoulders... Different covers, squad commands, SWAT team movements, firearms etc.

Well, its all about making an alternative game experience based on the current game without changing the main rules and balances, so it can be easily switched between "Original" and "Modern Combat MODe".

P.S. Hope people like my idea, so the Developers might find it reasonable to implement. It may help to cover a bigger audience between gamers with different tastes and preferences.

Some examples in pictures:
Blind.jpg (191.01 KiB) Viewed 5695 times
Shackles.jpg (177.93 KiB) Viewed 5695 times
Concentration.jpg (180.39 KiB) Viewed 5695 times

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Re: Alternative MOD

Post by 1mb4k4 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:46 pm


So do not take this post for granted, it is just my own vision (the vision of an Eldhelm developer).

The cost to redraw the entire game is (at least) around 3 quarters of the creation of a completely new game...
Such a large investment for a working game can not feasible. :( At least not for an indie developer.
I love this game, it is our best creation and i love the community and everybody around it, but it will never be able to justify such investment.

Second, as a game developer i simply do not like the idea of creating something good and then milking it to the point of unreasoning (like some companies do).
Games should be like and artwork and created based on inspiration, not copied...

Now in theory :)
The best option is to create completely new game based on the similar mechanics, but with another theme and style and balance.
This way it will leverage from all the lessons learned from this game, get all the best and build on top of it.
Deciding what's good and bad is really a matter of preference, so it is not an easy task either... :)

We would love (and we are sure) our game to inspire developers to create something different and yet such as good as Eldhelm.
This is how it all works (at least for me and it should be this way).


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Re: Alternative MOD

Post by WasPman » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:00 pm

Well, I should admit you're right. However, that idea has been chasing me for weeks... I've just just needed to let it free into that Topic.
It is true, it takes a lot of art work to be done. There is also a chance to lose a game's spirit during such a redraw and investments as well...
So let it be the way it is! Nevertheless Eldhelm is worth its playing! Thank you for such a game! ;)

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