The guild duel system is really mess up!!!

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Re: The guild duel system is really mess up!!!

Post by Skill Hunter » Wed May 20, 2015 7:56 pm

i don't think so andrey
making a time for guild war will make sure the members is online if they are not online they will lose the matches if they didn't fight they will lose the match
after few losses a guild leader will have no choice but to expel the members who don't fight losing gold when the guild lose will make sure the the guild will not fight meaningless wars members who keep losing gold for not fighting members in weak guild will quit the guild making less guilds only for the the strongest guilds the conquer will be
meaning guild with 24 members none is online will not fight cause they will lose gold for not fighting
strong members in strong guild will not risk not fighting or not being at the time so they will to win the matches or the gold
so instead of 9 matches 1 fight we will probably have 8 or 7 matches to fight of 9 between strong guilds and for the weaker guild they will try to be stronger to participate in the conquer mode
increasing or decreasing the number of guild members is not even important cause if you can see in any guild matches the matches that are fought can't even be 3 matches out of any number of matches
even if the the players want to fight finding two members in different guilds at the same time without a specific time is almost
sometimes evenwhen i find my opponent the moment he sees me online he goes offline

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