Guild war - new game mode

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by betascream » Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:58 pm

1mb4k4 wrote:Yes, i also think that this amount should be increased...
What do others think about this? :)
Motylek already answer for our guild,i agree wherever he post about that.

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by Motylek » Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:22 am

Hello Andrey,

I think, that previously (before change), there was certain ratio amongst guilds, which were capable of conquer and hold provinces. Ratio between number of guild members and number of conquered provinces. With change, there is now required more guild members (which will share same amount of gold from provinces) to hold same number of provinces like before. Thus I think, that reward from conquered provinces should be increased from 200 gold/province to 300-400 gold/province to reflect this change. It is nothing too important, but I think, if there was said A, it is also fair to also say B. :-) I do not consider it as adding more gold into system, rather appropriately adjusting system to keep balance which was functioning before.

Best regards

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by 1mb4k4 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:53 am

So i guess everybody have played guild war for some time. What are your feelings?
What do you all thing about this game mode?

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by Motylek » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:30 pm

I think, it is great way to give "guild experience" to all guilds regardless if they can capture and hold province or not.

Also it is good mechanism against "lucky prospectors", who have no intention to fight duels, but they declare attack on province against much stronger guild and then wait and hope for miracle. Now such "hide and seek" practice of escaping duels, despite they declared war on province, will cost them some gold so they will feel it as lesson to discourage their "lucky try".

All in all, I think that guild war is very good addition to game.

Best regards

Skill Hunter
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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by Skill Hunter » Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:29 pm

i think it's cool better than before but
i still hope for three things that you guys will add
the first thing is that
not all the members will fight for the territories that their guild have only a selected ones that the guild master put in charge in that territory
second is
replacing members between territories so you can defend it from attackers like each member takes a day to move from one territories to another
third is
you can't attack any territories only the one nears yours that how you can attack it only by the members in your territory that near the territory you want to attack
that's my ideas i hope you like them it just don't feel right when all the members fights for all the territory's
it's like when two guild attack one it does not matter cause all the members will fight in both war and so that it could become more strategically game so you don't attack any territories you find no you must be smart and know how to put you members and in which territory's so they can defend it and attack others and gives low and weak guild a chance to enjoy and attack some territories that have only one not strange member rather then fight all the members in every territories
i hope you respond me to my ideas
thank you for your great work

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by 1mb4k4 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:27 pm

I have updated the guild war rewarding. Now only players who actually played in the war will be rewarded (they will get a share from the loot)

@Skill Hunter
For those who don't want to fight for territory there is the Guild war :)
Thanks fro the suggestions, we are considering something similar.
I will keep you updated!

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by ebichu » Sun May 31, 2015 4:41 pm

Hi ~ I am Ebichu~

guild war system has so many problems as we all know....

the most issue is this.... after starting guild war weak players avoid or run away from his stronger opponent. they even don't log in this game during guild war period 1 day...

so they only need to do is to challenge his stronger opponent when their opponent is off line....they take advantage of guild system that recorded their challenge opponent means activity.

it is so cowardly behavior , so it frustrate all opponent members who are engaged in the guild war. :x

also so call ''noob guild'' they have just many low level members and then attack other stronger guild by using their many members is a just annoying other guilds...

furthermore they have no gold so there is nothing for them to loss at all when they lose in guild war ...I mean stolen 2 % gold.

so opponent guild is so embarrassed about their so many members.... and it is so hard to challenge them one by one for being activity

so I suggest like this...

1. guild attack is limited by 10 level gap of average of all guild members sum level between attacker guild and defender guild.
as all players know... it is so so hard to win stronger player who is higher level more than 10 levels.

2. maximum guild member is limited by 12.
because there are 12 territories in hole map and also prevent '' noob guild'' from annoying other guilds.

3. this is the most important thing
if any member doesn't accept opponent challenge or start duel, it means avoid duel, the member would be disqualified in guild war when attacker guild member and defender guild member both log in the game.
and any member who is participate in guild war never log in the game at least 2 times and over 1 hour totally during guild war period 1 day also must be disqualified in guild war.
because there is duty both attacker and defender guild members to be engaged in their guild war, also it means real activity.... if any one's guild member never logs in the game and avoid duel, then his guild master would vote to expel him.

wait for reply Andrey~

thank you for reading my post

Regards, Ebichu -

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by 1mb4k4 » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:01 am

Thank you for your comment! Sorry it took me so long to reply.
It will be a long post, i hope all guild members read it and post their thoughts.

Regrading Ebichu suggestions:
1) When playing guild war off the map your opponent is selected at random and players level is taken into account. On the map you are exposed to everybody. As you get more territories you get more attacks... Let's say a guild with higher level players suddenly becomes inactive. It's territory should be ripped apart by whoever gets first. Lower level guild should have a chance to get on the map, steal a lot of gold and this way bootstrap their advancement.

2) Yes, i am considering to add a guild size limit from a long time now, i just wasn't sure about the number. 12 sounds OK to me!

3) Let's say you have a duel with somebody who does not show up in the whole fight period. You will win the match and get a score point guaranteed! So you are winning. If your opponent refuses a challenge and never accepts a battle you will win again and with two points! In both cases the player is punished with a loss and brings no score to his team.

Some other notes we discussed in another topic:
- Challenging people while they are offline does not work, it simply does nothing for your guild. The only thing it does is it sends a notification to the opponent that he is being challenged.
- As SkillHunter pointed, people running away from battles is normal, when you have no chance to win why would you fight? Why would you give score to the other guild and help them win? No matter what i do, make the battles like tournament or add a time constraints or disqualify and punish... The simple fact will still remain. The weaker has no motivation to fight the stronger if he has no chance to win!
- Here comes the team play! A guild should coordinate its attacks and its holds. Its called tactic. Attackers have the option to vote for their opponents, as i see rarely somebody uses that, but it is a very powerful thing!
- Conquer is not a tournament and it can't be (and in my opinion it should never be) played the same way!

Please check the attached picture! - it is a recent battle for a piece on the map between the strongest guilds: Crusaders of Eldhelm and GODS OF ELDHELM!
On the picture Ebichu and Antonybig got victories and brought 6 points to their team. Getmans got another point for being active and the conquer war ended with 7:5.
Even with two losses GODS OF ELDHELM had still a chance to win if Senhor dos mundos was more active! So here, the lack of team platyfrom GODS OF ELDHELM lead to their loss.
What else? Let's say Senhor dos mundos got that point, this means 6:6 and GODS hold their ground. This is when Crusaders of Eldhelm realize that avoiding more than two matches war their mistake, because they simply would not have enough points to win!

Guys, you are not just the strongest players under one flag farming gold fro yourselves. You are some great teams and you should act like ones! :)
Guild members, now you know the entire "secret" system of guild war. You get points for your actions, the guild which gets more wins
Personally i am excited to what has Conquer become ...

Yes, new rules well be added and may be new feature to facilitate the team play :)
Not comming online seems a little bit silly to be employed as a tactic so maybe a kind of guild match surrender feature would be a good idea.
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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by betascream » Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:53 pm

Andy, so i just talk with you about the guild mode, maybe if working similar tournament and also put to duel only level x level is better, some guys not accept the duel and says: " im level 82 and i dont go to duel against your keeper level 90 " so never work....
I dont have more time for this game, im sad, but will try do my best with my boys!
wherever you put in new rules for guild war, lets see if work!
:D :P

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Re: Guild war - new game mode

Post by micio865 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:18 pm

I don't like

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