guilds tournament

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guilds tournament

Post by lucas77 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 4:48 pm

Tournament guilds, which seems to them ?. I read is idea in the lobby motylek told the truth and I found amazing. I thought it would motylek here so I waited. Now I think it's a pretty incredible idea, as the name says guilds would tournament so the level does not matter. but the membership was thinking to divide equally in ranges ... it is a great idea just there to improve

I used traslator so I think that uds can understand xD

Whit a great idea of motylek


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Re: guilds tournament

Post by Motylek » Fri Apr 17, 2015 6:34 am


Yes, I was exchanging ideas with Fikari on public chat about this game and I think, some form of guild tournament will add more action and entertainment to game. I can not imagine functional model of competing guilds against each other right now, because there are sometimes troubles to have enough competitors even in single player tournaments. So until there will be more players and more guilds, only working model of guild tournament I can imagine right now, is some form of guild vs AI tournament. My rough idea about guild tournament is like this ...
There will be no level range categorization as there would not be enough participating guilds. If guild member has more heroes, he will have to chose which hero will be used in tournament. To have it all working, there should be requirement for participating guilds that difference between the highest level and the lowest level of participating heroes in one guild is not bigger than 20 levels. (at example heroes between level 71 and 90 are ok, but not between 30 and 80) Then there will be counted average level of participating heroes in guild and according to that, there will be chosen proper level of AI opponent. Final standings would be decided depending on time required for guild to kill AI opponent.

So that is my rough idea right now. I was not posting it in forum, because I think, that this idea needs more polishing and more brainstorming. But since you posted it, Lucas, I wrote what I think about it right now. I would like to encourage everybody interested in guild tournament to think about it and post his own ideas/improvements (even if they will be totally different from my idea), because I think that my idea as it is right now, is not good enough yet for implementation.


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