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Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 5:58 am
by Motylek
Hello Unireal,

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, problem you are facing is laying somewhere else. Problem is in dueling with Elf Keeper against Elf Archer. Elf Archer is the Archenemy of Elf Keeper and in their duel, Elf Keeper will be always at disadvantage, no matter if there is any deck size limit or not. You can imagine it as duel between red burn and white lifegain, where red burn is doing well against all other decks, but white lifegain is a nightmare. Despite Elf Archer is doing so great against Elf Keeper, he is on the other hand doomed if he is going to face Orc Warrior. In other words, Elf Archer is the worst matchup for Elf Keeper.

Some race/class builds have bigger trouble to face other specific race/class than any other. Try to have duels against other heroes than Elf Archer and see if you have such difficulties like with Elf Archer. I expect it to be easier.

To sum it up, my opinion is that making conclusions based on duels only with one specific race/class build is not good idea and you are missing core of problem which lays in specific build duels and not in deck size limit, mentality skill or anything else.

Best regards

Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 7:42 am
by Motylek
After some more thinking, I have to agree with you, Unireal, that setting some minimal deck size limit related to number of mythical cards in deck would make duels more even. I do not like it because it feels a little artificial to me, but I can not deny, that duels would be probably more even between classes, that are too good or too bad matchups.

Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 8:39 am
by Unireal
I can assure you the facts and statistic is very real and happening. Which is now players with elf ranger exploit the 'REGULAR' dmg from the mythical, CONSISTENLY drawing the mythical cards every turn to finish the opponent within few turns.
Many go in with just 20 size. I don't even have to ask them. Even a kid who passes his primary maths is able to do the simple calculation by percentage :lol:

The true fact is in the community level from 50- 74. Between these levels nobody will accept challenges from elf ranger, sooner or later you will see many players either stop and break away from the game or stay away from challenging elf rangers.
It is broken and is a fact. Below level 50 is not affected due to the randomness of given deck. And I am pretty sure with you high stats and high level will not be affected by this as well. Cos your stats and skills can tank those dmg.

NO 'MINIMUM' deck size? It's surely broken with elf high 'REGULAR' dmg where one single card with 125 mana to spare in a single turn to lay 2 hypersonic for 44 'REGULAR' dmg, with regular dmg the 'BONUS' dmg is active!

How on earth other class is able to negate this dmg unless you are a built of a tanker. Those many elf ranger who is above the high ranking now, simply is not because they are good players or strategically sound. Simply, they exploit this features to continue abusing the game.

It's real, it's true and it's not just me who experience this broken gameplay but speaking from the heart of the community.
It's Broken!

This game is a gem and will stay on for years but when currently is broken, it's a shame, players who reach 50 onwards and below 74-80 will either stay away from the challenges to continue this great game or many will just leave the game until this 'BROKEN PIECE' are fixed.

Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 9:03 am
by Unireal

one thing I learn from MAGIC the Gathering, is there is no best deck or universal deck. You are sound to say White is a nightmare to red. Even white can keep healing excessively but do not forget that there is always this limitation on Mana uses.
The red is built for it's speed and agility of the deck. Fastest to take down opponents in a few rounds even the White can heal to nullify the red player's hand card. The red have another arsenal to counter on the low hand chance. Red is also known for it's hand discarding and drawing purpose. So in many ways it is like thug of war and your tactical play to influence the game.

It is true to say some are nemesis to the other Colours if you refer to Magic. But because of it's diversity and expansions with restriction on drawing chance - 4 per card ; Minimum deck size in competition. It is always fair to say it's 'FAIR'.

I am not here to discuss and talk about MTG, BOE is BOE and I love this great gem but there are existing issue that needed to be solved for a better and fair gameplay so everyone will have the same opportunity and chance.

I don't 'LIKE' to believe the Elf Ranger is a nemesis to a Keeper. But the fact is real and true. But what I am saying is about fair chance and fair opportunity.
Even if Elf ranger got that high damage I believe I can win the fight against him because Keeper is meant to drag the game, so long as within turns the cards is play out. You dictate the game.
Right now, it isn't the case. First 2-3 turns you are already left with 30% health. 4-5 turn it's always gg. Because keeper cant drag the game it is not given the Opportunity to drag the game due to Elf Ranger 'CONSISTENLY' drawing the high 'REGULAR' mythical cards.

The chances to draw stands at high percentage when there is 'NO MINIMUM DECK SIZE' :D

I hope you understand and see this in a big picture. Cos I know we love the game. Which is why we are concerned and bother to explain

Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 9:15 am
by Unireal
I have 'NO' issue with the mythical cards cause this game is designed for the mythical cards combos and high damage and characterized with the RPG built elements. Go in with 9 mythical cards 'NO Problem'!!!.

But if you go in with deck size of 20 = 45% chance to draw one per turn.
This is a real problem! And a problem that favour the 'RANGER' to win cause it's designed as similar to a ''RED' for it's fast high damage.
When other class loses out to it's Pace.

The Problem here is 'DECK SIZE MINIMUM' for a 'EVEN' gameplay like you said.

EVEN !!!!!


Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 10:59 am
by Motylek
Even you do not have issue with mythical cards, it is exactly mythical cards what makes difference in duel between Elf Keeper and Elf Archer. Hypersonic Shot deals damage like all other mythical cards but on top of it, it is reducing heal and reducing defense. Because of this, duel between Elf Keeper and Elf Archer will never be fair even if there would be minimum deck size limit. But I agree that increasing minimum deck size limit per every mythical card used in it would make such duel more even, however Elf Archer will always have advantage.

Also Elf Archer is pushed little too much in other ways too. Beside having strong combos and good Might stats ratio, he has same unfair card Strategy Excellence just like Human Rogue and his other mythical card Hunting Ritual is giving him 15 points of regeneration, while "king of healing" Elf Keeper has only 11 points of regeneration on Purifying Rain. If it is weighted by duration, Elf Keeper gets only 3 points of regeneration more than Elf Archer in total. But fact is, that cards are staying 3 turns on board very rarely. Staying 1 or 2 turns on board is much more common. Then you can add pitiful damage of Purifying Rain which is much less than any other mythical card of other race/class builds with exception of Human Knight Resurrection, but Resurrection is giving some real healing unlike Purifying Rain. Then other Elf Keeper mythical card Unicorn Spirit is only one card that has just one effect, again with exception of Resurrection. Then another thing is that Elf Keeper is only class/race, who does not have skill to train defense. If you sum it all, no matter of how much you would try and how many limits you would set, in duel between Elf Archer and Elf Keeper, Keeper will be always at terrible disadvantage, because Elf Archer attacks base of Elf Keepers build and that is regeneration. Other classes have roughly 1 to 1 way how to deal with Elf Keeper regeneration,but Elf Archer has 2 to 1 ways. Normally there stands face to face bonus damage versus regeneration, which is ok, but then Elf Archer adds regeneration crippling effect on Hypersonic Shot and here it stops being fair. So even if minimum deck size limit would do some little evening, it will not make things really even and fair, because core of problem is build in specific mythical cards of Elf Archer.

If there is Elf Archer and Elf Keeper and they duel together and they are both played properly, Elf Keeper has nearly 0% chance to win with Elf Archer and deck size limit will not change it.

So that is my opinion why I think, that deck size limit does not solve anything, because problem is elsewhere.


Re: Deck Size control / Identical Mythical cards Maximum

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 11:26 am
by Unireal
Lol. I am glad you finally realise. Yep. That 'RANGER' is way too overpowered by it's singular mythical on the 'REGULAR' base dmg which keeper cant even nullify it.

But I have not reach to high levels with high set of skills training yet. But I do believe your experience with that high level and the developer mentioning about high levels, the mythical singles are not game changer. Maybe when I reach higher level I can tank that dmg with my stats and health but again, keeper unable to nullify the base 'REGULAR' dmg standing at 20-22. The bonus dmg is ACTIVE. hence, ranger bonus high dmg and stats will always trigger no matter what due to the cards designed.

Though the single mythical might be too strong but I refuse to believe that keeper is lowered to that pitiful character where its not able to fight.
Keeper just need to buy time, drag, play out the cards for the win.

You are right about the overpowering mythical but since it's designed to be that way for the good of the ranger then keep it on. The ranger character is attributed with such high dmg characteristics.
What matters is the drawing rate of such mythical that turns out to be deadly not the cards, at least for me. :lol:

At least, implement the 'MINIMUM DECK SIZE' so we all and for all other class to participate in a fair and even fight.

Anyway, we can only suggest yet it is broken and exploited by Ranger players now.
I hope the developer do something about it :cry: