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maybe a good idea guild war and conquer

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:53 pm
by seraph78
Hi @all with interest.

Here one idea to have more fun in guild war and conquer.
Maybe its only my problem but i waste most of my time in waiting of the oppenents.

How is this:

All of guild fight vs. all of other guild. I mean if guild A challenge guild B there is no voting. Only wait this 24hours then war begins. If u come on u can then challange all from other guild u want. So u dont must wait for ur special oppenent that comes online. And if war ends, the points together say who win.

But one thing:

If u challenge guild member who is 10 or more lvl under your lvl, decline not count. Will be unfair only to challenge low lvl to become the decline points to win. At least sorry for my bad english and have fun in game.

Re: maybe a good idea guild war and conquer

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:48 am
by 1mb4k4

Just waiting for your opponent online really makes no sense.
You might just go along and play as usual while waiting for him or come online from time to time to see if he is online.
If he never comes online or he is a much lower level than you (and hides on purpose), you will be selected as a winner. This is how it works.

The main game mode where guilds are used is conquer.
The voting is principle gives the attacking guild the ability to adjust the matches so it has higher chance to win the battle.
Yes, the attacker is favored on purpose!

The voting is a method which guarantees the participation of all guild members in the battle so the guild does not contain inactive members for a long time.