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new proposals

Post by lukas153045 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:18 pm

Here are some suggestions, sorry for my English, I shared it on a couple of points item for the hero, I mean here is that we would have any hero the ability to have some item that influenced by certain parameters of the game, each character can only hold one item, for example, something which increases attack, defense, duration or many other
( I know that they give, but spells could be tempted by other interesting features of these items, if you serve with ) How to get a little lower

2.card, here I have a few ideas :
- I think that the game imparted a little more cards and combos, I believe that this is not a problem, and I certainly would expect to play

-card market, each could sell their unwanted cards and buy other from other players

-guild card, it was like a card that does not cost any us special energy and as she lay to left of the table, it's that card created by the master of the guild and each Member of the guild to be owned, this card was the weak or strong, gave to about 20 in the attack, disarm, defending or reclaiming, depends on what he decides the whole guild ( This card does not have to combo )

-new antique cards , These cards would be about 1,000, they would have been very strong, but also poor, the most important feature of these cards would be that only one character can have the card (this is very important), I believe that it is now a fairly predictable and is known for its players to each character in the game and her card, because the introduction of this very change the game and adds her brilliance, each person could only have 5 cards in his antique tali These cards have to combo and you'd sell them even though the card market

When it comes to these cards that I serve with how to earn items and antique cards

in the game you can make sort of a mysterious Crate and that after beating a computer player for example, mission or campaign win card or subject, of course, we could make cards to trade on the market but subjects no

longer boxes while you can to win after defeating the whole mission of the daily

antique cards or items does not win in the game of luck

anyone can have a few items but the hero has room for only one, so they can be exchanged between the fighting according to the rival

4.guild ( Here the plan is a bit underdeveloped ) :D

the conquest is not quite good, because many of the guild can not do anything there, and the mere possession of such land did not give out small cash, therefore, proposes to increase the number of sites, preferably after the fact that you will be able to earn the city and not the sites, cities may arrive on the map, and this is not a problem, you need to increase the roles of such poosiadania the city, propose the possibility of organizing by the guild tournament

sites next to cities that are sites where the wild fight fought by players from other guild, they were always free, while the city controlled could allow other players to each other for the right fee, and there the player could fight for more experience and gold

each guild owned by their funds and to develop in which control, allowing for changes and increasing competition in the conquest, because such development have given to specific bonuses in the guild

these things are not developed, so please bear with us :)

waiting for reply, of course I am in all things, if everything you do not like it please any tips, because for me the game should evolve, and I will be happy to serve your ideas

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