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eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:00 pm
by AntonyB
Hello to all . I am many years that I play in eldhelm, and it makes me very sad to see how this game is dying :cry: . all the best players do not connect more, the lobby always empty. I remember the heyday of eldhelm where ever you found players, hundreds of players will gather for the beast, overcrowding tournaments. have you wondered why? the problem is too many changes that make it almost impossible evolving characters. They are almost forced to pay in order to evolve well. you never get relic card without real money. why new players discouraged to continue the game and old players leave eldhelm. the solution is simple! eldhelm to survive you have to take a step back and come back like the old eldhelm.
1: the beast should return to the old beast, that is, with the ability to play several times and above all a surviving player to earn more gold.
2: a good idea could be the division into more areas of the guild level. maps reserved for players level 60 or 70 or 90 etc. ... as is the case in the tournament that is divided in levels.
3: innovation! the game needs something new to attract new players and old players.
a good idea might be a beast in the map guild war in which members of the guild can face together and gain experience,
Another idea could be to organize tournaments reserved to the various classes! eg tournament for human or for elves or orcs. and it could be that the sample of each class qualify to participate in the next tournament where the champions of each class.
yet another idea to give a prize to the first in the standings every month! this makes play more players to accumulate points!
4: dailly quest to change this! It is awfully boring! less enemies to face it harder and earn more gold
5: contact the old players to explain the news, entice you to return to maybe give a slot for new character, Gold or card or experience if he come back to play eldhelm.
I hope I have given some good ideas and I hope that with some modifications eldhelm can return addictive game as long ago

Re: eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:05 am
by 1mb4k4

It will die if we let it, but we are not letting this happen, right :)
We have less installs, less impressions less everything. It's not that the game-play is broken.
You see, there are thousands of new games every day. People want brand new games. Eldhelm is now 6 years old.
It is hard to market older titles, the app store algorithms are against us now. They are designed to promote new titles better.
This all explains why we have less of everything.

The problem with unlimited attempts is that in this case most players never get any chance to fight the beast.
I agree guilds need a refresh.
What's wrong with he daily quest. It's like the campaign but forever. Give some suggestions? How would you improve it exactly?


Re: eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:09 am
by AntonyB
hello Andrey.
Thank you for the reply. tips that can bring innovation are the 5 points of my previous message. They are the things that could greatly improve the game. something similar to my suggestion would definitely new and desire to play

Tanks, Antony

Re: eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:36 pm
by 1mb4k4

Did you check the topic from ShowNoMercy: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22745
Do you agree with him about the daily quests?
Is this why they are boring?


Re: eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:05 pm
by Luxier
Hi guys!!

I think Anthony is right in his 5 points, also this game is needing some new things like:

1st - If we want more players, maybe there can be a way to promote the game, like gold for share the game on Twitter and Facebook or rewards for those who invited their friends to the game! Like if my friend reach lvl 60 with a hero then I got an exclusive card for the "invite a friend system".

2nd - Events, I know that there are exclusive cards for 99+ players and for campaings but what about exclusive event cards? Like an event each 3 moths, or maybe exclusive costumes for new year, christmas, halloween.

3rd - The PvP system needs something new too, for example tournament or PvP points that you can exchange for exclusive PvP cards or PvP costumes.

4th - Daily Quest: I think the problem with this daily quest is that it does not take into account the level of the hero and it's too long. 1000g/500xp is a lot for a hero in lvl 10-20, but not in lvl 60, I had spend more than 100.000g for a few myth cards(3-4)!! And please, 10 enemies is too much! I think it will be ok with 5, if I play with an Elf Keeper 10 games will take me forever 'cause that hero is a healer!!

5th - I don't know if there will be 4th expansion or not, BUT It will be really good to see a new map or maybe a island with dwarfs, 3 dwarfs heros, one warrior, one mage(summoner) and one engineer(golems, traps, weapons), one elf warrior, one orc lancer(or some agility thing) and one human wizard. A whole new campaing for each class in the island and the campaings for the dwarfs in the island and in Eldhelm. AND why not a new cooperative mode with a new UI for 2-4 players!!!

Re: eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:46 pm
by 1mb4k4

1) The game is already on Facebook and has an invitation procedure. You can do it from the contact list.
2) Most of Eldhelm players seem to don't lay in multiplayer. It will be hard to get players fro such events.
3) Exclusive cards will lead to a problem. You see all in Eldhelm is about balance not quantity. Adding special cards for lower level players might have a negative effect. That's why we decided to add such cards only for the very high level heroes.
4) Yes, i agree optimizing the daily quests based on the hero level is a good idea. I will be looking into this.
5) We don't have things like cooperative game play on the road map - to be honest we never did :( It is very niche style of gameplay which only a few players will like.


Re: eldhelm is dying. .. Save the game

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:59 pm
by Luxier
Hi Andrey, I understand that if you change some things in the game you'll have the headache of your life 'cause it will be a lot of work and you have a life, but right now we have few players and the free to play games only survive if you add more new content!
Check any f2p game with 5 or more years in any market and you will see that they are adding new content and events! Because thats the way to fight against the new games!

This is a CCG, so check others CCG games with a lot of players and look what they have that you can add in here! And because this is a RPG game you can think about what can we add from a MMO RPG that others CCG games can't have! Put the strong points of Eldhelm to work!

The game is really good Andrey! Don't think about what you can't do, is better to think in how to do it and do it perfectly!

Sorry for my bad english! Hope it helps you! :)