State Of The Game?

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State Of The Game?

Post by Gigaplex » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:54 pm


If you're reading this you're obviously an Eldhelm player. I'm writing this in order to figure out where exactly is this game going? We've been handed some parts which don't seem to fit well within the current state of game play. We all know the latest changes were implemented in order to reduce the amount of opening combos one might use. The question is, "Were these changes actually helpful to game play?" We all have our own thoughts on this subject so here are mine.

The Additional Deck feature - in its currents state is extremely useless for the price. Ten thousand gold for the ability to try out some one off combinations is just to steep a price for the normal player. Most people have a hard time making a complete deck with more then 7 to 40 cards. Vast majorities of people I've played against get even figure out how to build a complete deck. The biggest drawback to this feature is it does not seem to work in unison with your Stashed Deck. This feature should really be an extension of the Stashed Deck.

Rankings - everyone seems to have an issue with the rankings and for good reason. First and foremost, it's not competitive. How many people have played the same person five, ten and fifteen times in a row. Hell, left the game for the weekend and came back to play the exact same person before. There are also too many bugs related ranking which have not been addressed. The main one being drops and pulls. I realize not everyone is on a great connection all the time but whose fault is that. Challenges and rankings should be totally different anyway. Let's say you want to test someone out in battle. So, you issue a challenge to them. This should not affect your ranking standing in any way, shape or form. Reason being, the person was hand picked which is not a natural match-up selection. This is the main reason those clowns were able to boost their rank. From being able to garner points via challenges instead of playing in actual ranked matches.

Deck Size- Seen plenty of people complain about the deck size for a match. Only too see the exact same ones turn around and try to use as few cards as possible in their current matches. This issue is really simple to fix and resolve. Because if you start to implement a minimum deck size. I suspect seventy five percent of players will all be purchasing the increase same card skill. There's no way I'm going to let anyone use forty, fifty or even eighty cards decks against me without using the same amount against them. Will just continue to increase the use same card skill until it's maxed out.

P.S. This is just my thoughts. So, feel free to respond as well.

Part 1 is complete, Part 2 later on this week i'll dicuss Orcs and tatics
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Re: State Of The Game?

Post by Erik414 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:15 pm

I would have to agree about deck sisze. If you have your deck built right you can stop there combos and then they are out of cards. So a small kill deck with only works if the other player doesn't have the cards to stop it. And most kill decks can be stoped with mystify and dispell. Two cards available to all races. I had a small kill deck and it only worked so well because no one expected it from an elf. When in reality it should have been easy to stop. But i find much more success in my current 39 card deck.

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Re: State Of The Game?

Post by Essence Team » Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:02 am

I will say that again, and I will repeat that if it is necessary: We will NOT introduce min deck size. We don't want to influence the possible game tactics using this method.
We are planning some new features that will make the additional deck feature more clear and valuable, but until that point I agree that it seems pointless.
About the Rankings - this is really an issue and currently our top priority!

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