Some suggestions

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Some suggestions

Post by crisP » Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:22 am

Hello all nice to meet you.

Im pretty new but ended making quite a few characters until id gotten a feel for all of em and yeah its pretty evenly balanced. But would like to address some points regarding newer players, specifically making the first few levels more fun so guests or first timers get hooked.

1. The game starts off slow until you build up a collector deck. Possibly too slow as when i played elf or rogue i lost like half the matches against lvl 1 ai. I think i lost about 4 consecutive games with elf, while i was prioritizing collecting new cards. however with orc or knight i would win about 75% at level 1.

i didnt mind, but im concerned this may be a turn off to newer players (losing repeatedly due to bad luck on random deck at level 1),

suggestion: so i'd suggest giving starting players a decent collectors deck. something like... 2x critical hits 2x (staff hit, slice, punch) this way the new player gets to try the critical hit combo, sees the value of combos, and gets a slight amount of power so they can win the 1st few fights vs ai.

2. low level players dont seem to know how to play. (i dont think they play the tutorial... ive seen several level 5s without a collector deck). suggestion: make a "newbie quest". a one time quest to beat the tutorial, reward 1000 coins or something.

3. not enough low level combos. like, really really low level combos... something to make the really early game interesting, thereby retaining more newbies. nothing huge, just a few weak combos. eg weapon swing + parry = riposte, axe blow x2 = double axe, lacerate + guard = bleed

4. forum is a bit dead. well... if im interested in a game i like to check its forums. dead forum made me think the game was dead but it seems its just because its quite difficult to register (took like 4 days).

suggestion: talk more on forum/ make forum easier to register for

its a shame if people dont play this game, its really good....

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Re: Some suggestions

Post by 1mb4k4 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:56 am

Hi, welcome!

Thank you for all your suggestions and ideas.
We we will discuss and consider them, as they are all good!

Regarding the forum registration. It is really difficult as it fills up with scam and spam. This is the reason for the strict registration process.
In general registration is fast. I try to approve new members right away. The problem was that i was travelling abroad and had no internet access for some days.

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