General Feedback - 10h into the game

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General Feedback - 10h into the game

Post by Gajarell » Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:04 am

I really enjoyed the first ~10h so i'd like to share some thoughts. Shortly to my background, software developer, active tcg player, mtg judge - from a design standpoint i would consider myself an advanced user, this group shouldn't have any major problems grasping mechanics or casual users will probably have serious problems.

Nice stuff:

Very well done artworks/animatons/enviroment, solid basic mechanics and some really nice hidden gems. The map(-interface) is way above average.

One of the mechanics i liked the most is cutting base damage to prevent the application of bonus damage, simple, adds depth, really elevates the game for me to a level were i'd like to contribute.

Could be improved:

The stash is too hard to find.

Skills could be better integrated in the UI - leveling up to the point were a skill becomes available should point towards those. Aside of this i would suggest approaching skills not just as a money sink but as a choice system like blizzard employed in wow, group skills into small subsets and let players choose one of them for each subset (either bonus gold or ep etc). Those can still be unlocked via gold. Stronger personalization, higher replayability, more depth.

Adding a card to the collection just to stash the card afterwards is convoluted, players should be able to stash the card directly. It is in my oppinion unnecessarily punishing for players who didn't finde the stash yet or didn't leave slots open.

Card-combos are not apparent, some casual players will probably play and quit the game without ever noticing that those are in the game. It should have an ingame representation (if you have a combo in your hand, highlight it -- if you play it, stronger highlight, not just the name) and possible combinations could be more apparently displayed (esp. catalog/stash etc - found the (i) hours into the game).

Having max-mana available at turn 1 is.. tricky. It promotes very fast combos and degenerates well rounded deck building. I would suggest either to change calmness to reduce mana (80%, 60%.. calmess 0 -> 100% mana available) or introduce the attribute managrowth.

Furthermore i really dislike the design of mythical cards, just giving out strictly better cards is from a rpg perspective understandable, but from a comp. card game site devestating. It is one of the major reason i considered dropping the game immediately. There is actually no point in not trying to get and play them. I would prefere either heavy downsides (like you gain 50 health, but lose 75 5 turns later) or restrictions on play (like preparetion cards allowing you to play a mythical card, turncount > x or 1 per 20 cards in the deck). MtG did the same thing in it's intial editions, not expecting players to collect those very rare cards, today those cards are banned in every single meta except one and those cards had to be limited to 1 in it.

Phases without any possible play should be skipped by default - there could be a settings option to change this back to legacy mode.

Pricing multiple decks does actually not prevent users from playing different decks given the stash but makes the game less enjoyable to play.


I could go through every single "page", but such an audit takes hours (and we usually charge for those :p), but if you show interest i'll do it.

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Re: General Feedback - 10h into the game

Post by 1mb4k4 » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:07 pm

Thank you very much for your comprehensive feedback!
We are discussing your comments already :) We will definitely get in touch to continue the discussion.

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Re: General Feedback - 10h into the game

Post by Gajarell » Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:02 am

Thank you for creating the game!

Some minor stuff:

Defeat ep doesn't scale.

Play > Options at the bottom:

Ranking, Slay, Tournament, Single Play

Single play just implies the former beeing Multiplayer and refers to another page, i would prefere giving all options grouped into single/multiplayer on the initial page.

<-------- Single Play --------> <-------- Multi Play ------->
Tutorial Training Campaign Ranking Slay Tournament

Would probably require a slight layoutchange for the daily quest.

I started using (i) for cards quite late, i would prefere additional arrow key navigation through the combos and some filtering could be helpfull (displaying 20 heroic combos you can't possibly play is probably overkill ingame). Also it is not readily apparent which duration each of the combined effects has (although it can usually be infered from the parts of the combo), i would prefere seperating bonus effects from base effects and displaying the duration additionally (pretty much the lowest duration of any part).

One thing i am pondering right now:

Beeing able to skill the maximum of available energy is a two edged sword. At it's best it can create a very interesting interaction at the worst it becomes obvious and boring.

The best case scenario would probably be having a meta which is so close in terms of surviving alpha strikes or outhealing persistent damage that you will need to consider playing your amazing mythical combo requiring x amount of energy against surviving the opponents play. In this case the regeneration/hp you are getting for going p.ex. 200 instead of 250 energy equals additional value granted by playing a higher manacost combination.

The worst case scenario would be that you just blindly get enough to make your best play and put the remaining points into regeneration and/or vitality. The regeneration/hp doesn't compare to the additional value granted by the higher manacost combination.

In a non extendable game this could work out very well, for a extendable card game this maybe become a problem.

Consider the following example:

+3 HP costs 1p
+3 Mana costs 1p
+3 Regeneration costs 1p

20 HP / 19 Mana / 0 Regeneration baseline (20/19/0), you have 1 skillpoint still available

8 Attack costs 10 (mythical, 1x in the players decks)
+12 Attack costs 10 (mythical, 1x in the players decks)
1 Attack costs 1 (common, will probably be random draw)

20/23/0 beats 20/19/3 round 1 (20 damage, double mythical).
20/19/3 beats 23/19/0 round 3 (1+8, 1+12, 1+1, regeneration outheals).
23/19/0 beats 20/23/0 round 2 (1+8, 1+12 (deals 22 damage), takes 22)

This would be a completly stable meta, although stupidly simple.

But after including the following card:

11 Attack costs 13 (mythical) the meta completly breaks down, the best choice becomes 20/23/0, beating every other choice.

And although this kinda setup kinda looks stupid, i just wanted to illustrate how the release of new cards can create tremendous value for max energy straight up beating any other kind of base stats. The game is reduced to countering those cards with other cards, not base stats - making energy a no brain stat. Every single card released would have to be carefully designed around this problematic or post-release changed.

My probably controversial suggestion would be to tie max energy to level/class/race instead of allowing it to be statted, this would increase the value of low cost cards (you can't simply put more points into energy and disregard them), add value to cards like curse (tight decks, having high value combinations, get screwed by this - again it is not possible to just take +8 max energy) and limit the potential of mythical death turns (no 2x 150 mana with 200 mana cap, 200/200 energy cards dont allow any additional energy requiring cards to be played). The major point for this concept probably is predictability and stability.


Another topic, acquiring new cards, i don't know how most players do it, but joining a game, drawing 10, leaving the game if nothing of value is in it or just playing the one/two cards you want and after that doing nothing until death is efficient enough that other people besides me will do it.

PS: Awake for over 24 hours by now, sorry for any occuring inconsistencies, orthographical/grammatical mistakes etc.

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Re: General Feedback - 10h into the game

Post by 1mb4k4 » Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:02 pm

We have considered you comprehensive feedback. Sorry for the late follow up.
We will be making some changes in the starting with the next version inspired by your suggestions.

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