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Testing decks

Post by Tremblor » Thu May 29, 2014 5:59 pm

I (and others) have found that testing decks is difficult. For a good test you need to be able to play several games against a consistent opponent of a certain skill level. That is difficult to do within the realm of random ranking games, and most people don't know someone who is willing/able to play them in four or five challenges in a row. And the Training opponents don't pose nearly enough of a challenge for many/most of us. The 'best' solution would be to vastly improve the AI--sometimes it doesn't play any cards, and it doesn't use enough Dispels (I've seen it discard Dispels at the same time I get my big combo out). However, I know that developing an AI is very difficult (would it be possible/practical to let the players see the AI decision-making tree and offer tweaks? -- just thinking out loud...). An easier (well, easy for me to say, anyway) solution to would be to give players a "build your own opponent" training mode --allowing players to set the training opponent's stats and skills (and even deck). I kept having trouble beating a high-regeneration Elf Keeper and wanted to try some different decks against him, but I only saw him once in a while. I would have loved to been able to build a training opponent that closely matched his deck, skills and stats (and then bumping them up some to compensate for the AI's weaker playing skills), perhaps even being able to tell the Training opponent what combo(s) to prefer using. If others agree that that would be very useful, it may be something to consider. Without an active forum in which players offer advice and deck/playing strategies, having a way to try things on our own would be a blessing. Back to work now; cheers!

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