Questions from new player

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Questions from new player

Post by Blackbandana » Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:12 pm

I find this game on steam,im a big fan of TCG and this looks preety nice.i Have some questions about the game.
1.When this game was released?
2.Is this game truly Free to Play? i mean that u can get every card in game without spending real money?Does players that are paying get huge advantage at no pay players?

That is it,Sorry for my bad English.

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Re: Questions from new player

Post by 1mb4k4 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:46 pm


The game was released for web in 2011, then for Android and iOS in late 2012.
Then it was released as a stand alone application in 2013 and as of 2014 it is distributed as a real Desktop application.
It took around one year for it to be "greenlit" on Steam.

The Steam version or the mobile one is advised as the loading times are significantly reduced and all the updates are automatic!

Yes, it is a true free-to-play game! You can check various topics regarding this matter.
You can play without paying anything (as most of the players do).

There are some things which you can not get without paying, but they do not affect you performance:
  • More than one hero per account (you can delete and create as many heroes as you like for free though);
    The third avatar customization set (you get two sets for free anyway);
Answering a common question for free-to-play game straight away:
Is it a pay-to-win game? NO IT IS NOT! (And it is easy to prove :))


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