Several bugs with possibly one cause

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Several bugs with possibly one cause

Post by Motylek » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:17 pm


Throughout months, that I play Eldhelm, I encountered several occasional bugs which are happening like once per month and because of issue, that happened to me today, I am suspecting that they all have same cause. Let me describe bugs, that I encountered.
1) Challenge duel starts and player who is begins, does not have chance to draw 10 cards, he just starts directly in attack phase. This happened not just to me, but for sure to player named Antonybig and I heard some other player complaining about this too. This happens about once per month.
2) Challenge duel starts normally, but my opponent has during his turn normal stats, but during my turn, he has life amount 0/3000. All damage healing, resistance, attacks etc are internally counted properly, it is just display error, but it is very inconvenient to not have information about opponents actual HP during half of duel. It happens about once per month.
3) Slay the Beast event is proceeding normally, but at the end, when beast is probably already dead, but status of my game is at end of turn in middle of resolving combat, screen goes to "Waiting for player" mode and stays in that until timer goes to the end. Then I get no win or lose screen and I get no gold from beast at all. I mean, Beast probably received lethal damage after all cards in turn were played, but combat resolution did not finish yet. This bug happens the most often from all 3 bugs, which I described. This can hypothetically happen in every slay the beast duel. I face it about once per week.

Now I describe what happened to me today.
I played Slay the Beast event without any problem. It finished properly. It was sometime around noon. Then I ended Eldhelm program - I have it as windows application installed on PC with Windows 7. I returned to PC after about hour and run Eldhelm application again and I wanted to play last duel of third campaign - boss Sithilda. I was playing Slay the Beast with same hero, with which I wanted to play last duel of campaign - Elf Archer Sunida, level 69. I started duel with Sithilda and duel started with turn of Sithilda, which went normally. She draw cards, then played cards, passed through discard phase and then turn started combat resolution animation, while I get no chance to play. Game skipped my turn totally. I clicked with mouse to skip combat animation and wanted to go to next turn, but after click, screen went to "Waiting for player" with timer running slowly ... I waited for few seconds, but nothing happened, just bar was slowly filling up. I did not want to wait and closed application and started again. Game was properly restored to duel with Sithilda, but now there were some cards on my table, I had full deck and Sithilda was at beginning of her turn, but she did nothing. Cards, which were on my table right after start, before I played them were same, which I had on table in last round of Slay the Beast event. After few seconds, I restarted application again with same result. Then despite it was Sithildas turn and my button to go to next phase was not showing (just like when it is not players turn), game reacted to pressing <enter> and went to screen "waiting for player" (Same like when there is ongoing combat animation and you skip it, but opponent does not). Bar was slowly filling to the end and I waited until it goes to end after minute or so. Then there was no game won or loss, it was just like nothing happened. (Same behavior like bug number 3, which I described above) Also game map, where was supposed to be shown campaign map was totally blank - no map, just brown background. I went to main menu, then back to Single, Campaign and third campaign and map showed normally and Duel with Sithilda was still available. I started duel with Sithilda again and everything was going normally.

Link to picture from duel with Sithilda after restarting application -
All cards are placed there without being played - they are same like which were at table when Beast died.

I suspect, there is some problem with passing some data from Slay the Beast event further to the next game. All 3 bugs described above, plus today's bug are pointing in this direction. Also this is something that happens on server, not on client side, because like I mentioned I finished application after Slay the Beast and then run it again after one hour when wanted to play last campaign duel.

Best regards

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Re: Several bugs with possibly one cause

Post by 1mb4k4 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:56 pm

I will, check those, thanks!

Regarding the issue you encountered. Closing the application will not terminate your game on the server, neither close your session. It will be kept for some time. So relaunching the application will try to restore it. Yes, there are sometimes issues with it like inconsistencies with the state of the game when the application was closed.
Usually when a "waiting for player" happens against the computer it means either a laggy connection (should recover after some time or the connecting dialog should appear) or a server error. In your case it should be an error...


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