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Post by Lulero » Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:41 pm

Hi !

I really enjoyed my time so far playing Battlegrounds of Eldhelm (as a human rogue). Sadly I won't be playing much more of it and I thought I'd share why.

To me the number one offender is the single player campaign. It's the reason I downloaded the app, I'm not much of a PvP player, so it has merits. However it lacks depth. The story didn't reach me, nor did the different characters. All I saw was a succession of battles and by the time I completed them, the first skill I spent into wasn't even done training (bit sad I'll never get to use those). It got really easy (and repetitive) when I started using perfect starting hand decks.

I'm no game designer but I'll go ahead and throw some suggestions around anyway :
- Greater variety of battles, it's only 1v1 using standard rules. Bend those in the campaign, for example add battles versus a succession of weaker opponents where you engage next one with what you have left (would force to build different decks with more cards).
- Break the patterns. All three branches have the exact same succession of battles.
- Improve on story telling. Charismatic foes need their own portrait and they should talk even if only a little. There are other ways too, many games manage to convey their story better.
- Add some replay-ability. At the moment once it's over, it's over. I'd like to go back and show those who annoyed me how stronger I got.
- On a similar note, It's very cliché but beating "normal" could unlock "hard" and so on.

Again, I enjoyed the game. Refreshing mechanisms, especially the random deck and in-battle acquisition of cards. But it was short lived, I don't feel compelled to play more mostly because of the reasons stated above. It can be fixed though, I'll be watching for updates on that part.

I can't resist asking because I'm worried ... Is the player-base growing or not? Feels like there aren't enough players for you to make a living and that the project might not live much longer. Or are you building up content before more a more aggressive advertising campaign?

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Re: Feedbacks

Post by 1mb4k4 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:40 am


Thank you for your feedback!
I wonder why don't you try the other characters. And also you can start with a fresh character and try another build for your hero.
We are working on an expansion which will bring another characters and more campaigns for everybody!

Card games are inherently multiplayer dueling games. By skipping the multiplayer part you are basically skipping most of the game. :(
The problem with the single player is that it always comes to and end. You see no matter how much content we create there will be people which will complete it for a few hours and still be hungry for more.

The campaign is tied to a specific rewards (heroic cards) and fixed amount of total rewards the hero can get and develop his character. This is done form a balance standpoint so in the end no matter whether you play single-player or not you will have a chance in multiplayer.

Still i like your ideas and we will surely continue to develop the games and add new features and challenges.
Don't worry, the game will live :)


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