Topic 27: The Credits

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Topic 27: The Credits

Post by Essence Team » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:31 pm

In this topic I'll talk about the Credits.

1) The Credits have Gold value.
2) The Credits are user based, i.e. all the Credits you have are stored in your player profile (NOT in your hero profile!).
3) You can exchange Credits into Gold for each of your heroes.
4) You CAN NOT exchange Gold from one of your heroes back to Credits.
5) When purchasing a game feature, that costs Gold, there is a "Get Gold" button . Click on it, and you will get to a window, from where you can buy Credits with real money and/or transform Credits into Gold.
6) If you want to distribute the bought Credits among all your heroes, you need to convert the Credits step by step for each hero (see example 1).
7) You can get Credits only with real money!
8) You can use Credits for other things, besides converting them directly into Gold, you can:
- purchase new hero hero slots. You can do this from the profile menu;
- train a skill instantly;
- unlock the premium hero avatar customization sets;
- purchase heroic cards and epic cards;

Example 1:
You have hero A and hero B. You want to buy 50 credits, that can be converted into 4000 Gold. But you want 3000 from them to be converted to the Gold count of hero B in order to purchase a feature B1 and 1000 Gold to be converted to the Gold count of hero A in order to purchase a feature A1:
Step 1: You start ordering the feature B1;
Step 2: A window with information "how much Gold do you have in hero B" and "how much Gold you have to pay for feature B1" appears. In the top right part of this window you will see a button "Get Gold". Click on it;
Step 3: The window "Purchase" will appear. Click on the 50 credit pack and pay the corresponding price. You will receive 50 credits to your account;
Step 4: Now convert 38 Credits into Gold (this will give you 3040 Gold to the Gold count of hero B), and leave the remaining 12 Credits. When you click on the "Convert" button, you will be returned to the window from Step 2;
Step 5: Now purchase the feature B1 for the hero B and you're set.

For purchasing of the feature A1 to the hero A, you have to go the the feature page (in the Market if it's card pack), repeat step 1 and step 2. Now you have 50-38(the price of the feature B1)=12 credits left in your user account, so you just convert these 12 credits into Gold (step 4), which will go to the Gold count of hero A, and repeat step 5, to purchase the feature A1.

That's it, check the other topics as well!

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Re: Topic 27: The Credits

Post by Salibu » Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:04 am

why do you say first two heroes are free and then charge for second one?

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Re: Topic 27: The Credits

Post by 1mb4k4 » Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:53 pm

Sorry this article was not up to date :(

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