Elf Archer Overpowered?

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Elf Archer Overpowered?

Post by ShowNoMercy » Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:26 am

I have a lvl 54 orc skullkrusher and a lvl 66 knight in both case I suffer good elf archers more than anything else.

Rogues has only 2 bombs royal blood prayer and shadow strike ferocity.
Archer has, very easy access to might, then the precision ferocity, the royal blood shadow of forest, brutal arrow and really heavy mythological cards.

So it is faster than any other to deal damage, has control over defence and over life gain and last but not least has super powered camouflage combos.
How can one win against an archer?

I think only rogue and keeper has chance. I'd like to ear opinion of knight and orc players.


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