Topic 3: Combat Turns

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Topic 3: Combat Turns

Post by Essence Team » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:03 pm

In this topic I'll talk about the combat turns.

1) Every combat is a duel between two heroes.
2) The combat is organised into turns. In each turn one of the heroes acts first and the other hero acts second.
3) In the very first turn it is randomly chosen which of the two heroes will act first.
4) In every turn past the first turn, the roles of the heroes change from the roles in the previous turn and so on until the end of the battle (see the example 1).
5) Every turn is composed of concrete sequence of phases.
6) There are differences between the phases of the hero who acts first from the phases of the hero who acts second.
7) The roles in the last turn are very important for the determination of the hero who wins in the private case, when both of the heroes are killed. If that is the case (both of the heroes are killed in the last turn), the hero who gets the victory is the hero, who acts first in the last turn (i.e. who has attack phases). The damage dealt in the last turn is irrelevant (see example 2).

Example 1:
Hero A fights vs Hero B
Turn 1: randomly is chosen that Hero B will act first, and Hero A will act second.
Turn 2: the roles are changed - now Hero A acts first, and Hero B acts second.
Turn 3: the roles are changed - now Hero B acts first, and Hero A acts second.
... and so on

Example 2:
Hero A fights vs Hero B
Just in the beginning of the last turn, Hero A has 10 hit points left and Hero B has 20 hit points left.
Hero A acts first and Hero B acts second in this last turn.
Hero A plays his cards and Hero B plays his cards and the result is: Hero A deals 21 damage to Hero B, Hero B deals 40 damage to Hero A
The result from these damages is that both of the heroes will die (Hero A's hit points are 10 - 40 = -30, Hero B's hit points are 20 - 21 = -1)
But whatever the last damages are (or how negative is one of the last hit points result of one of the hero compare to the last hit points result of the other hero), the winner will ALWAYS be the player who acts first - in this case Hero A. And Hero B is the loser.

That's it, check the other topics as well!

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