Newsletter, February 2014

We are super happy to announce that Battlegrounds of Eldhelm second expansion has been released!

Here is the new stuff:

  • A brand new Elf Archer character – with unique cards, combos, skills and story!
  • A third campaign for all characters – the epic story of Eldhelm continues!
  • 6 new cards
  • New combos

What else happened lately?

  • We have redesigned the cards – the duration and energy cost attributes are located in specific places now.
  • Collector decks are free – you can create as many as you like.
  • If you haven’t heard, we are doing tournaments from time to time. Be sure to check those out!

We are trying hard to make the game as accessible as possible by translating it to multiple languages.

We are really willing to introduce more languages, but we need some help to get started!

If you are committed to help, please tell us!

Please, report issues and bugs. Tell us about your ideas and wishes.

Be part of the project!

Thank you for all your trust and support!

The Eldhelm Team