Newsletter, January 2013

We are starting with a kind request – we need your support!

Please, rate the game with 5 stars on the App Store, Google Play and Chrome Web Store!
Give us your reviews and feedbacks, like our page on facebook and follow us on twitter.
Please, report issues and bugs. Tell us about your ideas and wishes.
Be part of the project!

We are trying hard to make the game as accessible as possible by translating it to multiple languages.
Completed translations are in:

  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Spanish
  • Italian

The other translations are either incomplete or barely started. If you are committed to help, please tell us!
We are working hard to deliver proper translations at least in: Russian, German, Portugues and French.

We are happy to announce some new features:

  • We are launching a dedicated website for the game and a forum.
  • The hero skill system. Now you can make your heroes even stronger and unique. We are adding detailed explanations in the help section with the upcoming update.
  • Now heroes can level up past level 50.
  • Some UI changes, most notably detailed information about your hero and your opponent is shown in battle.

We should also mention that we are making technical progress. A lot of performance improvements were made:

  • Latest releases allow playing long games without crashes and unstable connections are handled in most cases.
  • Mobile applications now load faster and make much less data traffic!
  • Memory issues are now gone and the game is playable on devices with 256 MB of RAM like: iPad 1, iPod 4th gen and many older Android smartphones.
  • The game should run nice and smooth in any modern web browser.

Thank you for all your trust and support!