Newsletter, June 2013

We are super happy to announce some major stuff here:

  • You have completed the campaigns? What now? Well, here are The Daily Quests. You could get a new quest every day to earn gold and upgrade your hero!
  • You have demanded cooperative game modes. Our first attempt to bring cooperative mode into the game is called Slay The Beast – you play along with other players to kill a powerfull monsterlike hero. No matter victory or defeat you get a reward! The one who injured the beast most will get a bonus!
  • We are spread on 4 continents with servers in Europe, Asia, North and South America! We support super easy account transfer at any time. Just go to you desired server and try to login!

What else?

  • Use credits to get cool premium content. You get 125 gold for every credit! There is a new hero customization set for every character only for premium users!
  • We are working on an awesome tournament system. Get ready, because the rewards are going to be awesome!
  • Brand new characters and cards are going to be introduced this summer!

We are trying hard to make the game as accessible as possible by translating it to multiple languages.
Complete (or almost complete) translations are in:

  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped us!
We have partial translations in:

  • Turkish
  • Polish

We are really willing to introduce more languages, but we need some help to get started!
If you are committed to help, please tell us!

Please, rate the game with 5 stars on the App Store, Google Play and Chrome Web Store!
Give us your reviews and feedbacks, join the forum, like our page on facebook and follow us on twitter.
Please, report issues and bugs. Tell us about your ideas and wishes.
Be part of the project!

Thank you for all your trust and support!