Release 2.5.0

This release bring some awesome new features:

  • Multiple collector decks per hero;
  • A lobby chat;
  • Drops are exposed in the rankings;
  • Quick link icons to the hero profile and to the hero deck;
  • Numpad keys are now alternative to the number keys;
  • The card info window now shows the card attributes with descriptions;
  • The Stash and Card collection interfaces are now sorted;
  • There is a notification stating that the player should complete the first campaign before the second;

Some issues are fixed:

  • The ranking notification and sound would not appear in interval less than 10 seconds;
  • The card effect calculation is moved after the dismiss phase at the end of the turn, resulting the Shackles card to work properly;
  • UI glitch fixes;
  • Increase HP of the Human Knight now is calculated properly when the hero is very low at HP;
  • Facebook users who already registered with their mails in the mobile App could link their Eldhelm accounts to play via Facebook (if they are registered with same mail on Facebook).
  • Some more measures against multiple accounts and cheating are taken;

Also all known and confirmed bugs are fixed;