Release 2.3.9

The release brings the following new features:

  • AI collector decks are balanced;
  • AI uses Heroic cards now;
  • Added the very hard difficulty in the custom A.I. games;
  • Random generation A.I. opponents is improved;
  • The start order of players in multi-player games is improved;
  • Ranking score system is improved;
  • The splash screen before ranking game shows the favored player to win;
  • A window for showing combos for cards;
  • The game now counts drops;
  • The ranking game can not be stopped once opponent is found;
  • Some other small touches to the UI;

Some major issues and bugs are fixed like:

  • The problems with the stash;
  • Some known problems with the ranking games;
  • The rare failure of loading the translation file is fixed;
  • The texture glitch when a deck has 25 cards is fixed;
  • And some more minor issues;

As usual the iOS version has to be reviewed, so it will be available most likely in a week.