Release 2.7

Finally, the long waited release 2.7.0 is here! It brings a lot of cool features and optimizations:

  • New coop. multiplayer mode – Slay The Beast;
  • New single player mode – Daily Quest;
  • 3rd customization set for every character;
  • The card animations at the end of the turn could be skipped;
  • The horn sound could be muted;
  • All ranking game notifications could be suppressed;
  • Card collection UI is optimized for large and small screens;
  • Hero customization options could toggled (locked/unlocked);
  • Ranking search is more strict for lower level heroes;
  • The AI is improved;


6 thoughts on “Release 2.7

  1. pepsy

    after 2.7.0 release game is exiting when screen is touched. i have android version ty

  2. 2 E.

    Hola como se consiguen las cartas miticas ???? ya que estoy en el nivel 51 y no tengo ninguna

    1. admin

      Mythical cards are found in the random deck. They are very rare! You have to use it a lot. Another option is to play the game of luck (at the market) to a maximum level.

  3. pepsy

    worked well till update i have already 3 chars…anyway i have a huawei ideos x5 (U8800Pro)

    1. admin

      I am releasing an update which will hopefully fix it! Please goto to the support section and contact me for more info!

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