Release 3.1.x

We are happy to announce some awesome stuff:

  • Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is now hardware accelerated on all platforms;
  • A sound is added when a new chat window is created;
  • The calmness card attribute is now active;
  • The tutorial is improved and now covers the calculation animations in the end of the turn;
  • And as usual, all known bugs are fixed 🙂

Revision 3.1.12

  • Added the option to disable 3d effects in the menu;
  • The rage is now added to the calculation animations;
  • Some bugs are fixed;

Revision 3.1.13

  • The tutorial now covers the calculation animations;
  • Some bugs are fixed;

Revision 3.1.14

  • The hand zone is zoomed on mobile devices when you are about to use a card from the hand;
  • A training tent pin is added to the campaign map. It is convenient for easy access to training mode while playing the campaign;
  • A ranking for the slay the beast mode is added;

Revision 3.1.15

  • Fixing the display going to sleep – some new permissions needed 🙁
  • Improving the feedback form;
  • Fixing all known bugs 🙂

Revision 3.1.16

  • Fixing the issue causing the battle scene to go black on some devices;

Revision 3.1.17

  • Adding more device requirements so unsupported devices do not manage to download the game;