Release 3.15.x

Release 3.15.8

  • Improving the UI, reworking some parts of it;
  • Fixing bugs;

Release 3.15.4 – 3.15.7

  • Fixing bugs resulting in pixelated images;
  • UI and bug fixes;

Release 3.15.3

  • Making the chat and challenge windows larger;
  • Adding columns with the score for guild wars and conquer in the history page;
  • Fixing a bug causing┬áthe screen to be cropped on some devices (Samsung mainly);

Release 3.15.2

  • Fixing app crashes on Android;

Release 3.15.1

  • Adding audio setting to the settings section;
  • Refining the campaign map view;
  • Other UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

Release 3.15.0

  • UI improvements;
  • Bug fixes;