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In case it as a technical problem (bug, glitch or issue), consider posting your issue as a thread in the support section of our forum. Other players might find it useful!

Check out the FAQ section in our forum! We are more than happy to answer all your questions, but be aware that there is a lot of information in the help articles regarding the game-play and the game mechanics.

Check the frequent support topics bellow!

You have forgotten your password:

No problem open your game client (on the web or on your mobile device) there is a button with a question mark next to the password field on the log-in form. Use it! You can recover your password with username or e-mail. If this does not work for you continue reading bellow!

You do not receive password recovery e-mail:

Well did we have your e-mail in the first place? Guest, Facebook, Apple Game Center and other authentication methods do not provide us with your e-mail so we can not recover your password via e-mail. In case you entered your e-mail manually in our system and you are sure we have it, then you might be typing it wrong or your recovery message might be caught in your SPAM box. Check your SPAM box and try again. If all fails send us an e-mail (or just use the form bellow).

You have forgotten your entire account (name, mail and pass):

This is a bit tricky 🙂 We are most likely going to find it. Send us an e-mail (or just use the form bellow) with your first and last name. We hope you filled those fields up! If you did’t, give us information about your activity, heroes, time of access. We will figure something out!

You have purchased gold but not received it:

Purchasing gold do not happen directly in the game. You receive your premium content in a form of credits attached to your account! You should convert this credits to gain gold with a specific hero (you could have more than one). How to do it? You can do it anywhere you are prompted to pay with gold. Just click on the “get gold” button (an icon with a treasure chest). The gold purchase window will appear. In the middle of it you will have a horizontal scroll field controlling the amount of credits you want to convert into gold. The value of this scroll field will default to the amount of gold you need for the current purchase. If you need more just move the slider to the right. There is no need to keep huge amounts of gold in your hero. It is better to keep your credits so you could use them for other heroes or other premium content!

For any other question, to be discussed in private, send us an e-mail. We are trying to reply really fast! Please, triple check your e-mail! It is really sad when we can not reply to meaningful e-mails.

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